WAL-MART selling dirty cooked food

Earlier this month, Dongguan, a reader attempting to our newspaper: a underground processing production of cooked food every day are openly into Dongguan City, Wal Mart shopping plaza, public sale to the general public.

Baoliao said that his son was very fond of eating Wal Mart sold radish sirloin, leek pig red cooked food, many people in Dongguan also have this good. For more than a year, he almost every day to buy these cooked food to his son. But not long ago, his wife told him that the cooked food is produced since Dongguan Wal Mart near an underground processing field, processing environment was disgusting. He didn’t believe it, but after he got it, he believed, “the problem is more serious than my wife says.””. “I can’t believe it’s true,” he said angrily. “WAL-MART is the largest retailer in the world, and Dongguan WAL-MART shopping mall is a huge supermarket in Guangdong.”

At 3:30 the day before yesterday afternoon, the newspaper reported that the man had brought us into a quiet alley. Just turn into the alley, there is smell sirloin. The newspaper said, “it is here.”. We looked up at the house: two new pit lane No. 3. Rough estimate, here is about 150 meters from WAL-MART.

We went straight to the ground. The processing field is very small, a kitchen and a room, only a dozen square meters, filled with pots. We haven’t enough time to take a closer look, a chest hanging “product demonstration correspondent Yong Li” brand guy immediately turned to ask: “what’s the matter?”

We want to buy a bowl of red pig said all the way or sirloin, smells very fragrant. This young man is happy: “good? Hei hei!” But he changed the subject: “a bowl not to sell, buy a barrel.”

“Why?” We asked. “We are exclusively for WAL-MART, not separately, unless buy a barrel.” Young man stressed. We like the letter letter, he said: “you ask the boss. I do not say.” According to him, the boss of shaanxi.

While speaking, we also observed the processing field. We find that it is only on the wall of the “rental housing security management permit”, the permit is clearly stated: housing purposes – living. And food production enterprises must hold the health permit, business license, etc., the processing field is not suspended.

“The boss is coming.” The man said in a whisper. We walked out of the processing field.
Leave the underground processing field of the moment, we clearly see: exposure of the VAT, a few big fly is risking the hot beef brisket on the fly.

Started from yesterday before dawn, five of our newspaper reporter of Tai Hang District of Dongguan City, two lane 3 food processing field tracking unannounced visits. According to the material, the material is reported to have informed that the processing field generally starts from the early morning 4 when processing cooked food, 7 to 8 when the goods are sent to the warehouse of WAL-MART shopping square.

At 4:15 in the morning, the blower of the working field of the oven is ringing. At 4:30, the cutting knife ringing sound. Soon, the alley is filled with the aroma of sirloin. We two reporters to fire smoke to find the name entered the processing field, go after and to negotiate the business name and processing workers “have a heart to heart talk, talk time exactly 20 minutes. During the two reporters found that the toilet was placed in the red, rice fans, etc..

5 minutes 07, Xiang ringing sound of motorcycles, motorcycle license plate number for the 79245), a man from behind the motorcycle unloading a basket of porcine red blood. At 5:56, we found for processing movement in the alley, a giant mouse cried out from the processing field. We wonder how many of these mice are there in the house? At this moment, the pig red on the ground from the motorcycle was suspended for nearly an hour. At 6:45, a hand pushed the car from the processing field. We judge: this car is likely to be used for delivery. Processing from Wal Mart straight-line distance of about 150 meters, leading to the Wal Mart way there are two, a to Dong Xiang, a to Xi Xiang, no matter from which the alley go. If the distance is less than 200 meters. At 7:15, we Bingfenlianglu, keep a road east road alley, alley West shou. 7 when 45 points, a medium build, round face of the woman wearing a white coat, hand carrying two big baskets of foam bowl from the second lane on the 3rd out, from lane to the west of the Wal Mart square. Our minds about whether to hold the bowl: these foam pig red foods? 7 when 50 points, the original in the processing field outside cut radish men put on a white coat, wearing a white hat, wearing chest Wal Mart shopping plaza, and a wear black clothes of older women pig red, and brisket five buckets of food loaded started cart. At 8 o’clock, the two men pushed the truck from the processing field to the WAL-MART shopping mall slowly move.

8 minutes 04, hand push goods dealers to Wal Mart shopping plaza warehouse import on the north side of the steep slope, two people will stop the car, together five barrels of food from the steep slope lift Wal Mart shopping plaza pavement.

8 when 08 minutes, five barrel braved the heat of black rice, pig, and brisket cooked food is fed directly to Wal Mart shopping plaza warehouse, two workers empty return processing field.
At 8:10, five barrels of food into the WAL-MART cooked food, ready to sell to customers……

From early in the morning 3 when 30 minutes 8 when 10 points, this newspaper photographers also used the camera to record underground food production, shipment and storage of the whole process and camera took many amazing picture.

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