The perfect curtain call

In October 17, 2005 06 when 19 points, a giant era is over. This is the perfect curtain call.

Ba jin 1

Tchaikovsky’s sixth symphony “Pathetique” in the funeral home to pathos echoes, solemn. Mr Ba Jin’s portrait hanging above the main hall, he lay quietly on the flowers. Mr. Ba Jin left, a perfect curtain call to his age.

This is the perfect curtain call. You go, we leave you in mourning; you go, if the lights go out. But “home”, “spring”, “autumn” is not extinguished, the “fog” “rain” “electric” was not extinguished, you put them in the colorful world, so that the soul has a sheltered harbor, expose seasons in the sun. In has not been reclaimed land, because of you. We learn how to farm: the real pot head, shovel, real plow with a gentle, charactizing a fine spring day, at the foot of the a warm and real land.

Ba jin 2

I saw you from Szechwan came hot blood, the smile on your face, moments of meditation, because the perfect curtain call, turned into a bit of halo ink, on rice paper spread “let me to do a piece of wood, I am willing to burn myself to pieces, to provide this human world with a little warmth.” This is the perfect curtain call.

This is a true portrayal of your lifetime. “The heart to the reader” interpretation of your writing purpose, “tell the truth” has laid the guidelines for you, your work has changed the lives of countless people, with the unique flavor of the times, shock our soul, and your soul, such as a lamp, guiding the confusion in our.

You are a mirror of the Chinese nation, is a let Chinese people admire the literary scholar, is a regardless of the territory, has not lost the conscience of the capital. I want to miss you in the best way, is repeatedly revisiting, savor belongs to you one of the classic works, to complete your unfinished wish.

Ba jin

Now, you go, with love and blessings, quietly away, this is the perfect curtain call.

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