The other shore Flowers ,A fleeting


The eaves like cliff, wind chimes as the sea, I am waiting for the swallow. Time is scheduled to play an accident, you quietly go away. The story is outside the city, the fog is not open, can not see the dialogue. You can’t hear it, the wind does not exist, is I in regrets. ——Signature


Red gradually old, fleeting as to, when years gradually blurred the dust laden memory, remember that year Campanula flowers bloomed. At that time, the young, the first time to open, you break the glass of my youth, in my heart to leave you light footsteps, when turned away, it is full of scars. Poke memory of fog, looked at the back of your grace in the wind smart, all over the flowers of the season dance, you with a smile, hundred flatters bliss, you henceforth no longer, I am crazy heart absolutely, want to be with you in the fate of sansei stone sinking sleep. So a casual, I will fall in. I love flowers, bloomed, but I can not see the flowers. As if every flower is your clear face, indulge in the wind, and each array of flowers, have poisoned my heart. I want to escape, but could not help the tears flow, so I used to sit in the mountainside flowers, watching the sunset, watch the world noisy, see world of mortals die. When the impression, is that I miss you, or me, is unable to scream. Unbridled is full of wind blowing, but don’t go blowing my sorrow; relentless rain is full of, can take away my attachment; every volt in the window Tingyu are like a piece of sounds of nature, like I V at the piano, listen to you for I played the nocturne reminds us to love, time and again to listen to, a tear flow. Rain is numerous, the hometown of old trees deep, I in the bleak season, tell love your fate: Pilate years Jun cardamom, I dance spoon, Xiangshiyixiao, I hold your predestined relationship three; this greengage wither, bamboo, old, love to the depths, who promise who the end of time?


The windows ill bells flickered like glass landing and harsh, scattered everywhere is my broken heart. Who is playing a lute with the east wind broken, with beautiful music touched my heart? Every note is I think your heart, into the full Shufeng bell, mottled green age. Pink and white flowers were blossoming is my past life memory – that a white girl of inciting the angel wings, dreamy, fuzzy I clear eyes, each petal fall is I love your throbbing. I’m gradually getting used to at night rewind, in the lonely song, slowly a person is lonely surrounded, so I began to miss your face, miss smiles, your fingers gentle with my heart. Your hair like snow, beautiful parting; I smile became crazy, the old waiting; I use the humble candle lit the Sansheng is eternal, only for you a sentence: my long hair and waist, it constantly. I waited in tung tree, I hope this world is romance, but when I am unable to wait for you, and where? Some people say, life is five hundred times in exchange for this life pass by, and I half talent Bo you deeply into a magic. I laughed, life I don’t believe in fate, until met you that satisfies the fear without a; I laugh, laugh at my life uninhibited love, until you lose, the heart began to hurt. Also want to under the Fuji mountain accompany you to see the cherry blossoms dancing, your emotional tears is the early hours of the morning dew, turned into a stream, moisture Manshan flowers. In the howling winter cold, you put a wisp of windbreaker, hug you in the harbor, so you see I laughed, as if pure fragrant garden not enemy smiled at you. I began to see that moment, deep engraved youth, beautiful love. “Feeling to the depths of the people who love to the poor, the vicissitudes of life,” the feeling is not know, but the feeling to the depths, to know the sad farewell. That season, you have to go, in a thousand miles away, I send you away. The deep lane, you come from the rain, with our whisper, poetic sorrow. Held under the umbrella of loneliness, I look at you Speechless choke. Turn left, the rain flooded my eyes, when I look back, no place, still lights.


I have been drifting for a long time, so as to take people beloved, crisp, people pain etc.. So gradually I began to like to write a novel, trying to describe our fetters into words, each word portray my thoughts, every sentence of my care. I used to write in the window, the light ink flow into a war, across the hills, across your ear. Then I began to look forward to, when the years old, love is no longer, I remember your face, a drop of pure intoxicating. I was in mortal procumbens,  make your life without regret; on the bridge side, your life and etc. Half of the city smoke dust, on time, memories of gaunt face not wasting memory. I opened the ancient time box, can’t stop time, hourglass, so in this season Campan ula flowers. I’ll your throbbing fleeting.

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