A rape evil revealing old shady

July 10th
Tonight, three girls painted three pictures: so that the “happy girl”; Jiao Jiao painted “happy holidays”; the benefit of the painting is “happy angel”. After all, the child is still a child – Putian Fujian City, so just 10 years old, Haifeng Guangdong Jiao Jiao and Huizhou City, Guangdong Hui Huidou only 9 years old. Happiness is their common dream.
By contrast, their parents suffer great agonies of the mind. These parents have to face a very harsh reality: the three girls who live in a room with their coach Li Qingqing raped.
The parents’ complaint is the same –
An animal trainer ten rape girls
After the Spring Festival this year, Jiao Jiao, and so on, the Hui Hui and brother powerful (a pseudonym) were sent to Fuqing City, Fujian Province, Xishan Wenwu School, every child a one-time fee of 4.3 million yuan, after a year to pay 2000 yuan of funds to education. School will be four children in the school 16 114 room, next to the 111 living in their martial arts instructor and life teacher Li Qingqing. The four children of parents were busy with business, counting on the implementation of food and full-time teaching, the militarization of the management, boarding one of Xishan Wenwu schools teach children well, remove their worries.
During the “six one” children’s day, Jiao Jiao’s parents went to school to visit her daughter. In the morning of June 4th, they packed their bags ready to go back to Guangdong, Jiao Jiao suddenly cried out to the pain, you want to go, I was dead”. Under the wise, Jiao Jiao did say coach Li Qingqing raped her and so on, Hui Hui.
3 by the end of the evening, holding 16 buildings all the room key to open the door of Li Qingqing 114, Jiao Jiao and Hui Hui implementation of indecent, so hide behind the table, to escape the. Second days in the evening, Li Qingqing once again opened the door to 114, will be so, Jiao Jiao, Hui Hui one by one.
Just two months, Li Qingqing raped Jiao Jiao, Hui Hui each four times, two times and so on rape. Fujian Province, the higher people’s Court of forensic medicine forensic technical room, the three children are indeed different degrees of violence.
The coach beat the man to serve on the palm of the hand.
A number of insiders also rushed to the residence in Fuzhou, Li Qingqing’s evil.
Li Qingqing Ying Xian Xiang Li Zhuang Cun of Anhui County of Linquan Province, more than 30 years old, the pet phrase is: who does not speak of civilization, play! Indeed, over the past few years he always to beat people for fun: students aged 8 Hwang just eat the things of others, Li Qingqing actually strangling the neck, with two feet long stick slam; a friend when practicing played a nap, Li Qingqing picked up the piece of tile is hit, and designed to play head; he often tells students brought him a cup of tea to pass water, who, if slow he Taishou is a slap in the face, also not to cry. The children said that the coach had to do with the devil in the TV!
This is Li Qingqing, the second half of 1999 also won the school nurse, and the pregnant. The nursing staff had to sue him, after he was even to coax with a scare, even to get married. Last year, the school will Li Qingqing and the nursing staff dismissed. But less than a semester, Li Qingqing not only to return to school, but also promoted the guidance of life. No wonder he repeatedly in the crazy shouting: “this is me. I want to get it, who is who!”
Cook a campus repeatedly selling heroin drug
Night, a few insiders in order to confirm the Xishan Wenwu School often “wolf”, also took out the Fuqing City People’s court verdict. The verdict shows that Nishiyama Fumitake school has three students from Shanwei City, Guangdong drug abuse, they are not 18 years old. The three participants in the Xishan Wenwu School for several years before, the history of drug abuse. Parents will be sent to the school to make them out of the poison. Did not expect, the school chef Zhong Fuqiang also has a history of drug abuse. In 1999, Lin Fuyuan and another cook, Zhong Fuqiang, sold the three drug addicts in the vicinity of the school. According to Zhong Fuqiang himself confessed, he purchased from other people, the white powder, and then every six or seven days, the drug sold to these three students, as many as 12 times, he himself from the profit for drug use. At the same time, Lin Fuyuan has 4 times to sell drugs to these three students. In March 3rd last year, Zhong Fuqiang, Lin Fuyuan was Fuqing City People’s court sentenced to drug trafficking and sentenced to three years and a year. Three drug of junior high school students by the school school, by parents to reclaim.
Coach Li Qingqing was expelled, why can easily hold the pointer weight? Chef Zhong Fuqiang in drug case, why can be mixed and stretched out its school students?
This evening, confused as an ant, climbed up the next.

Scrap car deck maximum damage

This newspaper yesterday launched the car deck behind the scenes plotting Qidi “exclusive and three years in the taxi management” old Zun “reading Xinrudaojiao, tossing and turning. Yesterday, they went to the newspaper in the “conscience driven”, creates more shady clone car……
Scrapped car “make-up” on the road to go
Three “the master said,” now the Guangzhou taxi deck, six into above is scrap car assembly. On the 18th of this month, a car arbitrage taxi checked “Heaven Lake” company in Guangdong AA0794 grades, the car is a complete scrap car, 19, and have a taxi decks in the Queensway road was stopped, the car is scrapped car assembly and……

Wide from the Chen Lu Tian Cun, Yuan Gang Lu, Jing River Road, South Island Road, Industrial Avenue area, is currently in the well-known “five conversion of car base”. These local repair workshops, can let the magic scrap vehicle “fresh”.
These small workshops, is rich in the four “Jetta” car.
They do not know where to get some scrap of Jetta car, throw in the warehouse after simple dismemberment. If you found a buyer, will strike, fight mosaic, “turning waste into treasure”. Some of the car’s scrap frame with a car on the old head, some of the old car chassis with a car on the old chassis of the broken tires…… So to build the new Jetta general per car for 6000 – 10000 yuan, mostly to 4000 – 5000 yuan transactions. Obviously, such a car can not pass the card, but also simply pass inspection. So, buyers generally will be a thousand dollars, to do a set of four pieces of rental license plate. Earlier this year, the Yuan Gang Road, a small workshop on the two scrapped car cloning the same brand of the same brand – Guangdong AA6619.
“Makeup” finished, clone car can waltz on the road. Such a car, the safety factor is close to zero, it is easy to cause traffic accidents. If the scene of the accident to exploit, the driver of the car deck usually driving bugger; if it is “pursuing, will try to abandon the vehicle to escape. Even if the police traced to penalty notice, the driver of the car deck also absolutely not “jam” to pay for cars — the car is not worth the money, as long as they run enough for half a month has been to recover the cost of……
Guangzhou city management office responsible person pointed out that the scrap car pierce to the heart of the matter, the deck, the greatest harm!
“Ghost” eye open
“Old Zun” said car deck is the reason why so many, and some taxi companies, “the ghost” not unrelated, otherwise the car deck is difficult to cover so accurate, even the chassis number, engine number are exactly the same. The “ghost” is generally the company holds the trademark or charged with the responsibility to check the car.
It is not the size of a small taxi company on the surface of the clone car “,” actually condemn both in speech and in writing “open eyes closed eyes”. Originally, the company responsible person received individual land owners to send the “Commission”, then people set the company’s license plate acquiescence. The responsible person even publicly declared, office of the company is to make money, why not accept free people! Anyway, is the clone car out of trouble, we are not responsible, can push: it’s none of my business? Currently, there are at least dozens of vehicles on the market to set the company’s brand.
A taxi company has an open secret: sell grade! A field to the driver, with the consent of the company management personnel agree, openly installed forged the company’s licence. Since then, he has to pay a monthly management fee to the management of the management fee”. The management personnel to check the car when it was in the street to pay no heed, the wild. Just the day before yesterday evening, there are other people to check the car, the management staff also immediately called to come over: put him……” Recently, the management staff simply to clone the license plate of the two companies, with the price of each 35000 yuan to the car with a license to sell to others.

What’s more, some small companies have a card with “”. In order to save, evade taxes, they actually let the company a few taxi share a brand. “Is in case of the relevant departments to find out, it is nothing more than a fine, and the company has earned enough!”
Deck false way change rapidly “”
When it comes to three old Zun “, new ways of unlicensed taxi now is numberless as the sand, emerge in endlessly — a” sneak “. Some clone car drivers in order to deceive passengers, but their fictional taxi company name. For example, when a hanging sign of the “Milky Way” taxi through streets and alleys, in fact, did not “Tianhe car rental Co., Ltd”, and only the Milky Way center car rental company. This period of time, a bit “old statue” often found under the banner of “Hengtong” brand of the taxi, he went to the relevant departments to check, there is no so-called “Hengtong” car rental companies, and only “Hengyun”, “Heng Yong” company.
The two is “the wrong person”. Some often engage in “matchmaker” clone car, the wrong person, to confuse the line of sight. For example, clone car license plate number is “oil”, and complaints telephone subject is “GF”; another car deck car headlights word is “Zhao Hui”, and qualification certificate marked “Decheng”… Relevant departments months ago was in the small North Road seized a car deck, taking the car headlights word, word door is “operation Eagle”, the license plate number is set is another company of Guangdong AB1532.
The three is “a star”. Some car deck special “Jinlun” and “white”, “oil” these big companies, business card, to allow passengers to “rest assured”. Not long ago, a taxi on the special set of grain and oil companies in Guangdong AA7712 brand. Also: set the deck What one says is plausible. star enterprise brand, not to arouse suspicion!
“Dragon” taxi company was organized by the “anti team took to the streets to patrol, but to no avail, which pattern of a very important reason is the driver deck renovates unceasingly, so that” anti set team “poor to cope with.” it’s always pay tuition. ”
Master open list “ghost tips”
Three “master” every day and dealing with the clone car, is experienced. Yesterday, they have introduced some simple methods of identification — a clone car license plate. Especially in the license plate of the “Yue” word. Regular car licence “Guangdong” word, the half symmetry and natural, and deck car licence “Guangdong”, the lower half of the excessive bending, botch; regular car license plate in the digital medium, proper spacing, and deck vehicle license plate numbers, small small, obvious deviation. In a regular car license characters, feels a distinct concavity; and deck car licence in the uneven character of feeling of inadequacy and font mottled.
Two place. If your destination is the airport, railway station, east railway station, Tianhe City, and the driver refused to, you have reason to suspect this is a car deck. The reason why he did not dare to enter these crowded places, because these places have set up the traffic management department inspection point. He loves you to the urban fringe, narrow streets……
Three condition. Clone car condition is generally quite bad: strong noise, jitter, slow speed, the brake is not sensitive.
Three old Zun “said that the car deck regulation is not, I hope relevant departments can take out the feasible way.” let the people a day earlier from terrorist “.

How to set the clone car brand?

Steal the lamp discharge license plate car repair workshop is changed
The Guangzhou market is so much in the end is how the clone car, set the card?
We in the number of taxi companies learned that over the past few years, many taxi license plate to be unloaded, lamps stolen, mostly being cleaned and deck. Deck pattern also many: some license plate is a set of companies, and qualification certificate is company B; some qualification certificate and driving license is a company, and words with the car door lamps is set on a company. Guang long company has found a brand for the AA1830 of the non – the company license car, but it’s car dome light, door word, and even the phone is the complaint is the “dragon”.
According to insiders revealed that in addition to steal, more people are buying fake cards. And in some urban and rural areas combined with Department of automobile gear mouth, has quietly formed the deck of a dragon “– from copying, tooling, molding, to sales, installation, support, all of which can be fixed up.

In almost every area of Yuan Gang, “Tsai motorcycle passengers were contracted to deck” business. This area many opened in the name of the repair, auto parts, spray, car washing, etc. small workshops can deck, but “not unfamiliar, so non wants us to pull strings”, they said. Yesterday morning, a license plate number for passenger Aberdeen Guangdong H4392 on our quotation: 1200 yuan good cards, such as to make the car lamps add money, but things have to give me some “intermediary fee”. Soon, he got near a car for a short head short brain boss. The boss asked what simple “goods”, immediately said: set a piece of cake, can be fixed up to one or two days……
In a car trip in Haizhuqu District, we asked if we could change the frame number and engine number to match the driving license. The boss readily said: “we changed a lot, you get the car, we’ll help you change.” A taxi company had reflected to us, there is a car deck is the engine number do the hands and feet, and the forgery perfectly. Staff costs a big effort to reveal the “secret”: the car deck engine number with a “0” zig zag partial round, and authentic is long.
So, be used to vehicle decks and where it came from? According to insiders, the source of clone car is very complex, mostly smuggled cars, stealing cars, scrap cars and illegally assembled vehicles. Clone car owners, mostly foreigners.

Clone car sets out what risks?
Li Gui made mistakes Li Kui when the scourge of social scourge
The car deck, like a runaway horse, implicated a string of risks — Guangzhou city traffic police department pointed out that the car deck long-term disrepair misconduct, can easily lead to accidents and drivers are holding a sneaky, panic psychological, also easy to cause the traffic accident; the car deck is heavily influenced by the vehicle management, disrupting the normal order of road management, and also to make the determination of some criminal case detection and traffic accidents can not be normal, great harm to society.

Many taxi companies responsible person also feel aggrieved: illegal operation of the car deck, the non payment of travel tax, invisible in the legitimate business of transport vehicles suffer losses, which said light is unfair competition, said heavy is the impact of the operation of the market. And the deck bys to thousands of Yuan fined or ordered to stop operating, also appears to be too light. This deck owners will be more dependable no fear. A driver also wrote to the media, lashed out at the “clone car violated the genuine car ‘portrait’, is naked robbers”.
More serious is that once a traffic accident occurs on the car deck, in a hit and run driver, it is difficult to trace the injured victim almost have no legitimate economic compensation.
However, the consequences of clone car, how can let He Zhongkang the victim alone?

My head hit the plate quilt without debt

From Hunan to Guangzhou to work He Zhongkang how do not understand the trouble: he obviously is taxi severing the legs, how the claim without the door?
More strange is that in this traffic accident all accuse: He Zhongkang, long car rental company, Kinsley car rental company… They all say they are victims! In this way, the case has almost become a “headless detective”.
Why is this so? Clone car!
This reporter in three weeks, and finally opened a shady clone car.

Case: wage earners from distress v. leg sentence worried
“Save me — my legs gone.” In the early November to the letter for help, he Zhongkang two times to write these words worried.
He Zhongkang wrote: “in July this year, I in the village of a cross road is a taxi is injured, the doctor diagnosed as’ leg fibula fracture. After the incident, the taxi driver fled by car. My family to the relevant departments to check, found hanging the taxi license plate has been scrapped. Unable to track down the perpetrators, the traffic police department will only temporarily accident as the case. At the same time, the traffic police department please prepaid insurance company medical expenses also failed.”

He Zhongkang in a letter to the said today he was heavily in debt and had to give up treatment, lying in the home to endure the pain of torture injury leg is now starting to smell…… But the incident more than four months, the perpetrators have not been exposed to the surface, not to mention the compensation.
Kanaka did not provide more cases of the accident.
We decided to go to He Zhongkang.
A car accident: the victim is in a difficult situation, only to provide a witness
In the village of a shabby rental house, we find the He Zhongkang, listening to him talk about the misfortune of He Zhongkang is Hunan Province Mao Ping Village, last March and his brother a south Guangzhou,stevedores and brother in a unit drive. In July 20th this year, he Zhongkang in a car accident, his wife home from Hunan to take care of their daily life. And the younger brother because the whole day is busy dealing with the car accident, He Zhongkang was dismissed. At present, the He Zhongkang family can only rely on the good people to help.

He Zhongkang was sent to the hospital near the scene of the accident. Because of no money, not timely treatment, his leg injury caused severe osteomyelitis. The proposed cutting treatment, He Zhongkang was hard to accept — leg after the whole family, old and young life do? Not to mention the operation fee will be more than 40000!
In August 15th, he was transferred to another hospital Zhongkang. Do third times after the operation, because no longer raise money, had to discontinue treatment. In October 23rd, he left the hospital Zhongkang. At this point, he has used to medical expenses 40000 yuan.
In a month after the hospital was released, He Zhongkang only had a single pill – no money.
He Zhongkang said, he was knocked unconscious at the time of the accident, can not remember the taxi.
“However, the provincial high court security Wang Weifeng was seen at that time.”
Intercept: the perpetrators to the hospital again and again into decamp.

We have found the security guard of the high people’s Court of Guangdong Province, Wang Weifeng, he is the only witness. He said that crash the scene too badly: the early morning of July 20, 3 minutes and 35 Xu, wearing dark gray nylon short sleeved shirt, linen material nylon pants He Zhongkang, riding a motorcycle intended to go to Shi Pai Cun handling marble. Motorcycle driving along a cross road to the village of Guangdong Province, the higher people’s Court of the gate, suddenly turn off. He wondered, leaning to see. At this time, a Beverly card red taxi coming from the rear, suddenly he Zhongkang together with the car zhuangfei. Motorcycle immediately scrapped, parts scattered on the ground; Kanaka Yasushiya was thrown out of the motorcycle a metre away, left leg severing, bleeding, immediately unconscious. The driver rushed, hurried to the throttle to escape.
The huge impact of the sound of the court in the court of the Wang Weifeng. When the car fled to the court on the right side of the Huaying Garden Road, Wang Weifeng stepped forward to stop it.
The driver be confound at, and ask for forgiveness. Wang Weifeng took down the license plate number of the taxi – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -. But accident drivers have to deny, and refused to hand over the driving license, Wang Weifeng will be forced to buckle under his service certificate to be reasonable permit (license number is 662516 holders to Liyang “).
The negotiations, He Zhongkang’s blood to diffuse near the manhole cover. In a short time, it is difficult to have a car through here, in order to ensure the lives of the injured, Wang Weifeng had to ask the driver immediately rushed He Zhongkang to a nearby hospital.
Guessed, the driver will be sent to the hospital after He Zhongkang, actually driving decamp!
Search: the original vehicle has already scrapped clone car .
Wang Weifeng at the scene to see, the car hit the car lights and door characters are marked with the company.
According to the license plate number of Guangdong AA4665, we found in the vehicle, license plate is Guangzhou City, Guang long car rental company, but the original car already scrapped! At the same time, we also get the metal recycling company in Guangzhou city to open the “end-of-life vehicle recycling prove” and stated above: Guangdong Fukang passenger AA4665, has dismantling, the date is June 11.
Has been scrapped cars, and back to the field of dismantling, why appear on the road? We rushed to the company a probe into the actual situation.
“This brand in June the original car scrapped, with a new brand AC1176, Jetta taxi. Guangdong AA4665 has been to recover the vehicle.” Wide long company beam manager to reporters to produce a series of evidence: “scrap car recycling certificate”, “update, the small bus technology identification table”, Guangzhou City metal recycling companies out of the purchase invoices……
“This man sets our company’s brand, look, this is our updated car.” See reporters with a grain of salt, manager Liang simply old copy of driving license spread out in front of reporters, the next is also accompanied by a picture of a new car, new car is Jetta car, is not at all a Fukang car. The issuing date of the new card is in June 25th this year, two weeks after the original car was scrapped. Liang said the manager, which is typical of the “Li Gui” mistakes, “Li Kui” wronged!

The qualification certificate? Qualification certificate “to Liyang” Is it right? “Dragon” company?
Exposure: the license plate number of original copy certificate just a mess
We have come to the Guangzhou City, the accident processing window, please verify this qualification certificate”.
Tap the keyboard. Soon, the window in reply: “false, names and photos are wrong.”
At the same time, we are told know — the license number is “Jinshi” company — it is the name of “dragon” signs!
We arrived at the jinshili Car Rental Companies. Employees who meet the qualification certificates, excited, “the license number is our company’s, but the driver is absolutely not, our company no to the Liyang.”
Jin Shili, the office of the company told us: “the driver who holds 662516 of the qualification certificate number, has been in our work for almost a year. He used a formal qualification certificate, not the perpetrators of what to be used for the!”
“This is obviously false, you see, it has no sign badge!” The company employee qualification certificate immediately took out his own, gestures to the reporter. Sure enough, the certificate is printed with a shield shaped badge, and the perpetrators “to Liyang” there is no shield shaped badge.

The company staff angrily said: “the qualification certificate number, the number of people who can change a word can be set, so who are likely to be stolen. We were all worried about it!”
License plate is “copy”, the certificate is “cloning” — all the signs are that, the accident vehicle is a car deck!
But the vast sea, where to find the perpetrators?! Can not find the perpetrators, who will be responsible for the victims?!

WAL-MART selling dirty cooked food

Earlier this month, Dongguan, a reader attempting to our newspaper: a underground processing production of cooked food every day are openly into Dongguan City, Wal Mart shopping plaza, public sale to the general public.

Baoliao said that his son was very fond of eating Wal Mart sold radish sirloin, leek pig red cooked food, many people in Dongguan also have this good. For more than a year, he almost every day to buy these cooked food to his son. But not long ago, his wife told him that the cooked food is produced since Dongguan Wal Mart near an underground processing field, processing environment was disgusting. He didn’t believe it, but after he got it, he believed, “the problem is more serious than my wife says.””. “I can’t believe it’s true,” he said angrily. “WAL-MART is the largest retailer in the world, and Dongguan WAL-MART shopping mall is a huge supermarket in Guangdong.”

At 3:30 the day before yesterday afternoon, the newspaper reported that the man had brought us into a quiet alley. Just turn into the alley, there is smell sirloin. The newspaper said, “it is here.”. We looked up at the house: two new pit lane No. 3. Rough estimate, here is about 150 meters from WAL-MART.

We went straight to the ground. The processing field is very small, a kitchen and a room, only a dozen square meters, filled with pots. We haven’t enough time to take a closer look, a chest hanging “product demonstration correspondent Yong Li” brand guy immediately turned to ask: “what’s the matter?”

We want to buy a bowl of red pig said all the way or sirloin, smells very fragrant. This young man is happy: “good? Hei hei!” But he changed the subject: “a bowl not to sell, buy a barrel.”

“Why?” We asked. “We are exclusively for WAL-MART, not separately, unless buy a barrel.” Young man stressed. We like the letter letter, he said: “you ask the boss. I do not say.” According to him, the boss of shaanxi.

While speaking, we also observed the processing field. We find that it is only on the wall of the “rental housing security management permit”, the permit is clearly stated: housing purposes – living. And food production enterprises must hold the health permit, business license, etc., the processing field is not suspended.

“The boss is coming.” The man said in a whisper. We walked out of the processing field.
Leave the underground processing field of the moment, we clearly see: exposure of the VAT, a few big fly is risking the hot beef brisket on the fly.

Started from yesterday before dawn, five of our newspaper reporter of Tai Hang District of Dongguan City, two lane 3 food processing field tracking unannounced visits. According to the material, the material is reported to have informed that the processing field generally starts from the early morning 4 when processing cooked food, 7 to 8 when the goods are sent to the warehouse of WAL-MART shopping square.

At 4:15 in the morning, the blower of the working field of the oven is ringing. At 4:30, the cutting knife ringing sound. Soon, the alley is filled with the aroma of sirloin. We two reporters to fire smoke to find the name entered the processing field, go after and to negotiate the business name and processing workers “have a heart to heart talk, talk time exactly 20 minutes. During the two reporters found that the toilet was placed in the red, rice fans, etc..

5 minutes 07, Xiang ringing sound of motorcycles, motorcycle license plate number for the 79245), a man from behind the motorcycle unloading a basket of porcine red blood. At 5:56, we found for processing movement in the alley, a giant mouse cried out from the processing field. We wonder how many of these mice are there in the house? At this moment, the pig red on the ground from the motorcycle was suspended for nearly an hour. At 6:45, a hand pushed the car from the processing field. We judge: this car is likely to be used for delivery. Processing from Wal Mart straight-line distance of about 150 meters, leading to the Wal Mart way there are two, a to Dong Xiang, a to Xi Xiang, no matter from which the alley go. If the distance is less than 200 meters. At 7:15, we Bingfenlianglu, keep a road east road alley, alley West shou. 7 when 45 points, a medium build, round face of the woman wearing a white coat, hand carrying two big baskets of foam bowl from the second lane on the 3rd out, from lane to the west of the Wal Mart square. Our minds about whether to hold the bowl: these foam pig red foods? 7 when 50 points, the original in the processing field outside cut radish men put on a white coat, wearing a white hat, wearing chest Wal Mart shopping plaza, and a wear black clothes of older women pig red, and brisket five buckets of food loaded started cart. At 8 o’clock, the two men pushed the truck from the processing field to the WAL-MART shopping mall slowly move.

8 minutes 04, hand push goods dealers to Wal Mart shopping plaza warehouse import on the north side of the steep slope, two people will stop the car, together five barrels of food from the steep slope lift Wal Mart shopping plaza pavement.

8 when 08 minutes, five barrel braved the heat of black rice, pig, and brisket cooked food is fed directly to Wal Mart shopping plaza warehouse, two workers empty return processing field.
At 8:10, five barrels of food into the WAL-MART cooked food, ready to sell to customers……

From early in the morning 3 when 30 minutes 8 when 10 points, this newspaper photographers also used the camera to record underground food production, shipment and storage of the whole process and camera took many amazing picture.