The head coach intimidation search boday said rules

“Bang”, the door opened –.
The manager came in, the reporter received a dilapidated cottage. He took the identity of the reporter’s identity card and registration receipt to see, hand in a drawer, locked.. Put it here. You are not out of the door, send money home to return to school, by students take ID card generation. Besides, you also didn’t pay enough tuition, run? ID to charge in here!
Reporter argued that no country can be arbitrarily detained identity card.

“What do you say? State laws, family rules. Here, is the king of the school. Cut the crap and get the package check!. Then a gun in the past, opened the zipper, clothes, socks, stationery threw a table. Suddenly, he pulled the shorts, at a glance, Bayan fell under the table.
“Why is the search package?
“How is it? This is to take the valuables for you to keep, and so you pay enough money to go home again you. Well, what is this hard guy?. – simple mint.
The manager turned to the battery, toothpaste, toothbrush, small, the recorder was also uncovered one one. “First included in my place..
“This is not expensive, only a hundred dollars. Besides listening to the school after listening to the training, why not go?

“Will tell you once, this is not dissatisfied, execute the rules! Look at the corner of a wall, cast knife l$two iron things of your students are not?? I do not engage in special! Come on, let me die you with money is not. The coach said the total dynamic reporter coat pocket, the pocket, the result is good for nothing. He pegged to the reporter’s shoes, wearing a watch is probably the suspected crash money. I who have simply shrugged, with only two hundred dollars.
“Please! I give you care, you leave 50 dollars to buy the mat and washing powder! Otherwise lost who is responsible?.
“I was responsible for myself”.
Shit, you got negative? Don’t fuss, wait to shave my head!. He shot the table with a jerk.
The reporter sees that don’t learn, to retrieve the ID card and recorder. The coach smiled. No? You owe $1325 tuition to say!.
“I have a lesson, you do not refund, also let me how to pay?
This is a regulation! Don’t push me. Or you can’t eat to walk around!. At this time there are four or five new students come in. Head coach elongated face – you go out first, have a couple of hours again, you can go to the school canteen to call home to ask for money, the other a word, no one is allowed to speak, Luanjiang to responsible!
The reporter found, just want to quickly leave here.

The first time to see all the bald students, the coach said to quit

The motorbike went straight to us. Trainee reporter. Turn right into the mountains!
Trees more and more dense, more and more steep mountain road. But wearing big sunglasses, sun hat buckle driver always just kept not to utter a single word, drive too fast.
The reporter gasped.

The school is in a small hunting range, eight miles away. The driver said, a sudden slam.

I advise you not to go, he took off his sunglasses,. If you go out, if you want to come out, you want to let the house to send money to save you. Do not pay, the school will buckle you, you got the dun dun baste it? Like a few days ago, I planted a surname Wu students. His leg was injured in the face swollen face basin, but also home to send money before the trouble…

A mountaineer do not know from which emerge, leaned over the body to light – this is the reporter into the hill only to see a person, he blasted smoking a cigarette and mutter also advised reporters back. Often at night from the school the cries came, haunted more or less the same, a few months ago also saw a hand is filled with the blood of the students ran out, the school sent after playing a death and pulled back – – – – – – it is pathetic! What did you go there? ”

But I paid the money, or want to go in and see. The reporter had for their courage.

Left and right, in an old motorcycle finally stopped at the foot of the barracks. Good! The wall for a high above, studded with sparkling bright glass block!. Tiejiangjun. At the gate, two security guard carrying batons, swinging belt and in the door. Close the door to is building a two storey building, upstairs station to see four or five heavily armed guards and vicious general poked his head, told reporters watching ”

What do?. A security guard shouted.
Lai Xuewu.
Wait, I’m going to tell.

About five minutes, the security door put the reporter went to the duty room, to find the manager.
Turned a row of dilapidated cottage, is a training ground, more than 100 students are practicing the one two one”. Saw their copies of the head, clothes in shining white of perspiration, a plump students gently wipe the wipe sweat, walk past the tall, sighting his knee is a kick. The fat students stagger about, almost fell, but he was quickly put back the salute.

The general manager is not on duty room, several young coaches are talking. That reporter is new students from Guangzhou, the coach said in a low voice. Conscience, in here, in three months can only learn ‘one two one’, can not learn the true Kung fu. Our coach almost suffocated, all busy beating, sometimes hit yourself straight away tears. Look at you like a boss, just take us a piece of it.

Reporter I do not know what medicine they sell in the bottle, so he was concerned about the.
The young coach and coach Xue Teng refused to give up. You don’t take us out even if you can find a reporter from the newspaper to come here, or do you just have to be a critic of the place?.
Love. Busy hit, but also. Straight away tears, and “defection” of the heart — the coach, his psychology is distorted!