If you are safe, I will lay down my love

See pretrial romantic night listening to that window Chanmian Acacia turn, Xinhai madly love lead you to write, let red infatuation piece of language, a wind loose distant if the king safe and sound in the distance I will put aside Acacia Tianya traces——Signature

Your charming eyes under the red smile, is my life the most beautiful picture seen. You hurry Frence leave, let I can not find any excuse. Every lonely night in the rain, the falling rain dripping with my reluctant heart, brought about by the wind out of the window in the ear piercing thoughts, I want to hug a wisp of think dream, we wake up time but a return to you thousands of melancholy. Cause lingering Acacia, lonely in love with affection, miss the heart gentle you every day and every hour of the day or night, the slightest Miss dream, piece of mind sees in the dream, the dream in the dream are endless thoughts, not finished sad sorrow. I thought that the memory has gone with the years, I think I have to move you from the memory, I think I have to forget you from the time, however, in each of the night, the wind out of the wind and once again to ask my love, revealing my sadness. If time can flow backwards, if love can repeat itself, I would like to make myself more into play. Because of you, I am willing to be a supporting role, as long as you can set off, because you, I am willing to be an audience, even if only quietly watching you, appreciate your beauty; because you, I would like to become a traveler in your life, and then, to go seriously, to use the best time in this life to interpret it, even if only a moment of good memory.

Love at first sight, win at the time, also lost in time. Struggling on the edge of the missing, alone in the care of the tail hanging, this life, it seems that we are bound to have a kind of distance. Love is so beautiful, but only become we have memories, agreed to abandon, already can not find traces of any past. Is there a place where you can be familiar with the feeling of a more familiar? Is there a day will remind you of a special person? And is there a song make you think singing is your story? Time has already let me remember the antecedents, but memories let me forget the consequences. Years of wind blew leaves of memory, but it does not take away that we had better, I think, this probably is the fate of my last visited. You have said that you can pretend to be strong when you are weak. You can pretend to be brave when you are afraid. You can pretend to smile when you are sad..

Time is so beautiful, so beautiful, and now think you have become a luxury thing. I think I was lucky, otherwise how will meet warm warm you. I think I was sad, or how can you lose love. I think I’m stupid, or how can easily let go of your hand, let you become prosperous years of brilliant memory. Perhaps love is very difficult, can be in the tens of millions of people to meet the heart of you, what kind of luck. May not love is not difficult, but this life met you, you can not forget. It turned out that life is not going to be played back, when you want to go back and see what happens, time has not allowed. It turned out that love is not a repeat of the past, when you want to go back to the past to cherish a person, time will not compromise on you.

Life tells me more than once, not the beginning of each story is tender, nor is it the end of every story, but it is a blessing and a warm thing. And this life, I can meet you, is a willing adventure. If time is meant to be, then I don’t need to talk about separation. Time in a hurry, the years will not stay, you never know who you will meet, but before this, please take care of yourself, to strive to become a better person, so you can be qualified to meet the people who have been to this life. A brilliant flower, a beautiful encounter, thank you once the tender all my time. Once I of love is too much pursuit, now I already have, only wish you in the distance can be safe, so I will put aside to Acacia, henceforth Tianya roaming.