Scrap car deck maximum damage

This newspaper yesterday launched the car deck behind the scenes plotting Qidi “exclusive and three years in the taxi management” old Zun “reading Xinrudaojiao, tossing and turning. Yesterday, they went to the newspaper in the “conscience driven”, creates more shady clone car……
Scrapped car “make-up” on the road to go
Three “the master said,” now the Guangzhou taxi deck, six into above is scrap car assembly. On the 18th of this month, a car arbitrage taxi checked “Heaven Lake” company in Guangdong AA0794 grades, the car is a complete scrap car, 19, and have a taxi decks in the Queensway road was stopped, the car is scrapped car assembly and……

Wide from the Chen Lu Tian Cun, Yuan Gang Lu, Jing River Road, South Island Road, Industrial Avenue area, is currently in the well-known “five conversion of car base”. These local repair workshops, can let the magic scrap vehicle “fresh”.
These small workshops, is rich in the four “Jetta” car.
They do not know where to get some scrap of Jetta car, throw in the warehouse after simple dismemberment. If you found a buyer, will strike, fight mosaic, “turning waste into treasure”. Some of the car’s scrap frame with a car on the old head, some of the old car chassis with a car on the old chassis of the broken tires…… So to build the new Jetta general per car for 6000 – 10000 yuan, mostly to 4000 – 5000 yuan transactions. Obviously, such a car can not pass the card, but also simply pass inspection. So, buyers generally will be a thousand dollars, to do a set of four pieces of rental license plate. Earlier this year, the Yuan Gang Road, a small workshop on the two scrapped car cloning the same brand of the same brand – Guangdong AA6619.
“Makeup” finished, clone car can waltz on the road. Such a car, the safety factor is close to zero, it is easy to cause traffic accidents. If the scene of the accident to exploit, the driver of the car deck usually driving bugger; if it is “pursuing, will try to abandon the vehicle to escape. Even if the police traced to penalty notice, the driver of the car deck also absolutely not “jam” to pay for cars — the car is not worth the money, as long as they run enough for half a month has been to recover the cost of……
Guangzhou city management office responsible person pointed out that the scrap car pierce to the heart of the matter, the deck, the greatest harm!
“Ghost” eye open
“Old Zun” said car deck is the reason why so many, and some taxi companies, “the ghost” not unrelated, otherwise the car deck is difficult to cover so accurate, even the chassis number, engine number are exactly the same. The “ghost” is generally the company holds the trademark or charged with the responsibility to check the car.
It is not the size of a small taxi company on the surface of the clone car “,” actually condemn both in speech and in writing “open eyes closed eyes”. Originally, the company responsible person received individual land owners to send the “Commission”, then people set the company’s license plate acquiescence. The responsible person even publicly declared, office of the company is to make money, why not accept free people! Anyway, is the clone car out of trouble, we are not responsible, can push: it’s none of my business? Currently, there are at least dozens of vehicles on the market to set the company’s brand.
A taxi company has an open secret: sell grade! A field to the driver, with the consent of the company management personnel agree, openly installed forged the company’s licence. Since then, he has to pay a monthly management fee to the management of the management fee”. The management personnel to check the car when it was in the street to pay no heed, the wild. Just the day before yesterday evening, there are other people to check the car, the management staff also immediately called to come over: put him……” Recently, the management staff simply to clone the license plate of the two companies, with the price of each 35000 yuan to the car with a license to sell to others.

What’s more, some small companies have a card with “”. In order to save, evade taxes, they actually let the company a few taxi share a brand. “Is in case of the relevant departments to find out, it is nothing more than a fine, and the company has earned enough!”
Deck false way change rapidly “”
When it comes to three old Zun “, new ways of unlicensed taxi now is numberless as the sand, emerge in endlessly — a” sneak “. Some clone car drivers in order to deceive passengers, but their fictional taxi company name. For example, when a hanging sign of the “Milky Way” taxi through streets and alleys, in fact, did not “Tianhe car rental Co., Ltd”, and only the Milky Way center car rental company. This period of time, a bit “old statue” often found under the banner of “Hengtong” brand of the taxi, he went to the relevant departments to check, there is no so-called “Hengtong” car rental companies, and only “Hengyun”, “Heng Yong” company.
The two is “the wrong person”. Some often engage in “matchmaker” clone car, the wrong person, to confuse the line of sight. For example, clone car license plate number is “oil”, and complaints telephone subject is “GF”; another car deck car headlights word is “Zhao Hui”, and qualification certificate marked “Decheng”… Relevant departments months ago was in the small North Road seized a car deck, taking the car headlights word, word door is “operation Eagle”, the license plate number is set is another company of Guangdong AB1532.
The three is “a star”. Some car deck special “Jinlun” and “white”, “oil” these big companies, business card, to allow passengers to “rest assured”. Not long ago, a taxi on the special set of grain and oil companies in Guangdong AA7712 brand. Also: set the deck What one says is plausible. star enterprise brand, not to arouse suspicion!
“Dragon” taxi company was organized by the “anti team took to the streets to patrol, but to no avail, which pattern of a very important reason is the driver deck renovates unceasingly, so that” anti set team “poor to cope with.” it’s always pay tuition. ”
Master open list “ghost tips”
Three “master” every day and dealing with the clone car, is experienced. Yesterday, they have introduced some simple methods of identification — a clone car license plate. Especially in the license plate of the “Yue” word. Regular car licence “Guangdong” word, the half symmetry and natural, and deck car licence “Guangdong”, the lower half of the excessive bending, botch; regular car license plate in the digital medium, proper spacing, and deck vehicle license plate numbers, small small, obvious deviation. In a regular car license characters, feels a distinct concavity; and deck car licence in the uneven character of feeling of inadequacy and font mottled.
Two place. If your destination is the airport, railway station, east railway station, Tianhe City, and the driver refused to, you have reason to suspect this is a car deck. The reason why he did not dare to enter these crowded places, because these places have set up the traffic management department inspection point. He loves you to the urban fringe, narrow streets……
Three condition. Clone car condition is generally quite bad: strong noise, jitter, slow speed, the brake is not sensitive.
Three old Zun “said that the car deck regulation is not, I hope relevant departments can take out the feasible way.” let the people a day earlier from terrorist “.

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