Passed through many cities, only love one person

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It was May 17, 2015. I was on the road. The hustle and bustle of the northern cities like the wind around the corner of the street will blow you up. You have left me for five years, in the absence of your days, I began a person carrying a bag holding a ticket to catch the train to travel far away. To the distant place where we had hoped, a person to see the journey we were young and eager. When I’m standing in the vast manor lavender, those with pale purple lavender in the wind a burst ofly floating, sage also at the side of a winding path in full bloom, I stood in the flower fields to lower the head to smell the smell of lavender, my tears fell down, distance of the heart of the position began he couldn’t hurt.

You never know, I am sad is I smell of our youth, you said that one day we will go to see a purple lavender of romance and eternal. And now I am the only one person, scattered in the time words had a piece of spalling in the years of growth rings, nowhere to be found. A person who has been through the wind,through the cloudy, over the height of the summer, but never seen you. At the age of 15, I say “not afraid, I also have” the moment in the fall, since these years will be doomed eternally. At that time your eyes have I do not understand the light, you said, after we have a lot to go to the future, there are a lot of people we want to see, there are many to go away. Five years later, now I go to a lot of places you want to go, see a lot of people you want to see, and walk away from you. You said, with ten years of time, from 15 to 25 years old, you will have to wear all the time thorns, come to me, only to marry my wife. Now, I have to use ten years to forget you, will no longer miss you. These years, I refused and another person together, refused to vigorous youth, eyes watch it never flowers will be an instant wither. I would rather be a person to bear the memories you have left me, I do not want to have people broke into my world, you know, I like quiet, simple.


Through a lot of strange road, but also by many of the city, I stand in the wind, I can’t hear my voice, time tells me, every time I walk by a party, I’m far from you. When I decided to use ten years to forget you, I know I’ve lost you forever, forever. You don’t remember the words will lower the head girl now has grown into rational, cheerful girl, the soft weak weak always being bullied girl now fraternizing with the a group of men and women, that always glum wound spring Beiqiu paper self pity self blame the girl now have been trained sarcastic tit for tat rational female silence freely. You don’t remember me, I don’t know what I’m now. When I walk through all the places you want to go, wait for me to come to the end of ten years, and so I go to the beginning of the age of 25. I know I will not be your new mother, this life, you will never marry me. Remember or the green time of high school life, I always so naive as to think, I must quickly quickly grow up, grow up to be like your wife. But now, after a lapse of several years, I still can feel to covered  a layer of dust on the wound still in implicitly pain, just the thought of. Three years ago, you married her to his wife, but she is not me. You don’t look back, so you can’t see my sadness can be killed, pain to the bottom of my heart. I silently cried and jumped into the sea, without a trace of echo.

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