No enthusiasm, who can be moved ?


I become a sales man, not destined to become a good sales men, it is not destined to be. Previously, I never thought, I will rely on selling to eat; now, I was famous for marketing. Fate has repeatedly, who can expect! At first, I was a professional baseball player, playing in the Johnston team, a team, a monthly salary of $105, so my life is decent, but also moisture. Who knows the boss is going to fire me. Because I was young, I don’t care. The boss scolded me and said: “we don’t need to be lazy, you could do you have the occupation player, occupation spirit?”

“Yes! I am lazy! I have no spirit! So what?” I loudly answered him, do not care to become shame, leaving the team. Now think about it, I feel ashamed. A boss said yes, until today, I still think of my brain, Yan Yan head be out of spirits in the arena of bear like. Competitive Coward , suffering to mature. My life distress, to reduce facial and joined the Pennsylvania Chester song, habenula don’t is very low, a monthly salary of only $25. I said he is being canine bully, heart punches cannot burn a bit of enthusiasm. Often a friend said hello to me, the Department is even worse, it is a kind of torture. I wandered around for a week, decided to leave the place, Zhi to distant Connecticut new black paper team. Still is $25, but no one knows me, I can treat a ‘mood, from scratch. Watching the sky alone, I said to myself: “I want to get back up! Must start again! I was 22 years old, be full of vigor and vitality!”

Passion burning, I like a horse, Mercedes Benz in the game, like a torrent, like shells. I feel the body, must be run in order to release the roaring waves. My most is surprisingly large, shot over falling teammate gloves aberration point. I was infected with my teammates, they run with me; his teammates are infected with the audience, they stand up and shout. I have no distractions, no feeling, just want to play; I just full of guts, puissant, just want to run. I have a boiling passion. Passionate, just want to win. I became the center of the field. County for a while, I really feel proud, is the magic of the spirit of the world in support of a kind of me, driving me, urging me. Achievement and honor it makes me feel proud. The man who has been fired,, but today is a star. The State Press and print my picture. Reporters to “play sorrow I wrote called me” spirit “, said I was” ever since the first man cannot level team injection “soul” of the people “. I never thought, I will get the accolades, now bring to let me fascinated. There is a harvest, my monthly salary rose to $185, but that’s a lot of money. Two years later, the monthly salary rose to $770. That day I was so happy, you simply can not imagine. How successful it is! How comfortable it is!

But. I was not destined to be a star. In a game in Chicago dinger, I waved his right arm, dispose of the ball to shave a county, pain piercing, my way Danling fracture. I simply want to cry for it arm ah, you are my life, I love you! Now you have to let me never to leave the game! The blow with the war lost a leg there is no difference! Good soldier would rather die on the battlefield than linger! But some things can not be reversed. I look back to hometown Philadelphia downhearted. The next day is very difficult, I do the first two years cashier, riding a bicycle, a street, a street to help furniture factory, the reward is $1 a day. No sunshine, no hope. Destiny repeatedly, which can  expect. Then, I added the life insurance company, want to take a chance. Dry selling, is a life force, so I just want to try. 8 months later, I was ready to quit.

If my struggle is not successful, I do not know whether to use this attitude to look at the time of the difficulties: “that time is really a torture, ah, you really do not see a little hope. , they always encouraged said, ‘a certain and signed under a single, how much commission’, I have a boiling passion: he signed a single equal I do a year, why not action? But 8 months down, I didn’t pull anything. Since it is not suitable for marketing, but also to stay there to do what! “I began to turn over the advertising. The success of the DELL – Mr. Carnegie. I heard his name, holding Ma died as a live attitude. I decided to listen to. Who would have thought, DELL – Mr. Carnegie readily, competing to speak on the spot. No panic in the main. I got up to feel hand trembling with fear, no place to put out a little, hesitating in speaking voice.

“Wait a wait. Sir, please wait! “Dell – Mr. Carnegie shake the head and wag. Interrupt me, come on, come on, young man. Which one to hear? No enthusiasm. Can move who?”

Mr. Carnegie, Mr., was talking about the topic of “passion”. He waved at the moving about Lian, broke a chair leg, the speech also cease abruptly. In a loud voice, full feeling, eyes firm, emotional and imaginative, lingering Rao Liang, back to the sun not, this is my of that class impression.

“No enthusiasm. Can impress prospective, that night I was sleeping. A repeating that sentence. On more than one ring feelings, more than words. Is his enthusiasm like that? Where is my passion? Why a group of black paper happy days gone? My passion has gone, and my life has withered. How can I be so? No No! How can I accomplish nothing !”

“Don’t be fighting now, more rely on? Are you waiting for me? That’s how to do it! I couldn’t swim! “One night I toss and turn restlessly, decided to change his fate. The sun rise, I once again hear the melodious birds.

The first phone call that day, I will never forget. I am full of confidence, confidence, without any fear. It is really a quick decision, he immediately agreed to the interview. During the meeting, I am ebullience. Witty, the another one on the spot to sign a single. He is Mr. Ammons, a corn merchant in Philadelphia. He said: if my employees have you so warm, my business will be ten times better.” Then we became good. He was my first customer, and I remember him all my life. From that day. I feel the struggle of the fun, the first experience to “do their own masters,” the beautiful feeling: no passion can move!

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