Justice weightier than Mount Tai

Justice weightier than Mount Tai
Conversation characters: Lv Botao
Sixteen representatives, Guangdong Provincial Higher People’s court, the state of the first big judge

Conversation motivation 

The people’s court as a judicial organ, under the leadership of the party to keep pace with the times, pioneering and innovative, good solid finish delivery of the party and the people’s judicial task, give full play to the functions for the reform and opening up and economic construction service?

Lv Botao, President of the higher people’s Court of Guangdong Province as the sixteen major representative, which has a deep thinking…… Yesterday, after stepping out of the Great Hall of the people, he made a vivid and lively conversation with reporters.
On the sixteen big: the new goal is encouraging
Reporter: How did you attend the sixteen big feelings?
Lv Botao: I was in the top sixteen. I was very excited. China has entered a well-off society, we all have a deep understanding of the reform and opening up, the construction of the socialist market economic system, the benefits of our living standards have been greatly improved. This sixteen big and put forward a comprehensive construction of a well-off society of the new goal, which makes us deeply inspired. To achieve this goal, the party should take economic construction as the center, hold high the great banner of Deng Xiaoping theory, and resolutely implement the important thought of “Three Represents”, strengthen the work of all aspects. In this process, it is very important to carry out the strategy of governing the country according to law. I think, the people’s court in this regard is responsible for important. I as a judge and President of the provincial court, the provincial court will lead the police around the theme of “justice and efficiency”, do our work. First is to do a good job in the trial, and resolutely crack down on all kinds of criminals, to maintain social stability. At the same time, through the trial work, to guide and standardize the market economic order, so that the market economy order more fair and equitable.
Reporter: Guangdong court how to implement the spirit of the sixteen major meeting?
Lv Botao: we must firmly grasp the “justice and efficiency” of the theme, to ensure high quality and justice to run every case, through the trial work to promote the socialist legal system, to provide a good judicial service and judicial protection, and create a good legal environment. Jiang, general secretary of the report in the report to further deepen the judicial reform, so we will intensify reform efforts, so that the people can feel the court case is a rule to follow, is a system of security, is open, transparent, can be assured. At the same time, we should vigorously strengthen the building, by the organization on the one hand, sixteen police officers to seriously study the spirit, to raise awareness, so that everyone in the important thought of “Three Represents” to guide their every word and action. On the other hand, to strict requirements, strict management of court officers, and resolutely implement the responsibility system. For a handful of corrupt court team, to be punished.
On court reform: to ensure public transparency
Take off the president grant
Reporter: I remember you in January 1998 left the assistant governor seat, said soon became the provincial President: I don’t, please don’t at all levels of court case number.
Lv Botao: President of the number of cases, equal to the abolition of the judge’s judgment. Others result from your whistle blowing, the director said, how’s that? This is the people said, the trial of the trial, the trial of the trial”. In recent years, the province’s court resolutely implemented the implementation of the reform of the collegiate bench and the sole judge of the powers of the judge. In addition to the special and complex cases, the first and second cases by the collegial panel of independent judgment, the presiding judge of the drafting of adjudicative document, the collegial panel members of the audit signature, directly issued by the presiding judge, the president, head of the president no longer submit approval. Through the implementation of the collegiate bench and the sole judge of the reform, the majority of cases of the referee’s right hand back to the bench and the sole judge, greatly reducing the handling of cases, and strengthen the responsibility of the judges. At present, the province’s court by the collegiate bench and the sole judge directly ruling the case in more than 80%.
Reporter: how the president’s reaction? Lv Botao: This is the “liberation” of their ah (laugh), so that they focus on the place where they should be. I’m not let them in, we also asked them to sit personally. President of the case, he will be responsible for the case, not to the president’s identity, but to judge the identity of. Note that we take away is his case number is right, said he could not put your foot into other fields. This is the restriction of power.

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