How to set the clone car brand?

Steal the lamp discharge license plate car repair workshop is changed
The Guangzhou market is so much in the end is how the clone car, set the card?
We in the number of taxi companies learned that over the past few years, many taxi license plate to be unloaded, lamps stolen, mostly being cleaned and deck. Deck pattern also many: some license plate is a set of companies, and qualification certificate is company B; some qualification certificate and driving license is a company, and words with the car door lamps is set on a company. Guang long company has found a brand for the AA1830 of the non – the company license car, but it’s car dome light, door word, and even the phone is the complaint is the “dragon”.
According to insiders revealed that in addition to steal, more people are buying fake cards. And in some urban and rural areas combined with Department of automobile gear mouth, has quietly formed the deck of a dragon “– from copying, tooling, molding, to sales, installation, support, all of which can be fixed up.

In almost every area of Yuan Gang, “Tsai motorcycle passengers were contracted to deck” business. This area many opened in the name of the repair, auto parts, spray, car washing, etc. small workshops can deck, but “not unfamiliar, so non wants us to pull strings”, they said. Yesterday morning, a license plate number for passenger Aberdeen Guangdong H4392 on our quotation: 1200 yuan good cards, such as to make the car lamps add money, but things have to give me some “intermediary fee”. Soon, he got near a car for a short head short brain boss. The boss asked what simple “goods”, immediately said: set a piece of cake, can be fixed up to one or two days……
In a car trip in Haizhuqu District, we asked if we could change the frame number and engine number to match the driving license. The boss readily said: “we changed a lot, you get the car, we’ll help you change.” A taxi company had reflected to us, there is a car deck is the engine number do the hands and feet, and the forgery perfectly. Staff costs a big effort to reveal the “secret”: the car deck engine number with a “0” zig zag partial round, and authentic is long.
So, be used to vehicle decks and where it came from? According to insiders, the source of clone car is very complex, mostly smuggled cars, stealing cars, scrap cars and illegally assembled vehicles. Clone car owners, mostly foreigners.

Clone car sets out what risks?
Li Gui made mistakes Li Kui when the scourge of social scourge
The car deck, like a runaway horse, implicated a string of risks — Guangzhou city traffic police department pointed out that the car deck long-term disrepair misconduct, can easily lead to accidents and drivers are holding a sneaky, panic psychological, also easy to cause the traffic accident; the car deck is heavily influenced by the vehicle management, disrupting the normal order of road management, and also to make the determination of some criminal case detection and traffic accidents can not be normal, great harm to society.

Many taxi companies responsible person also feel aggrieved: illegal operation of the car deck, the non payment of travel tax, invisible in the legitimate business of transport vehicles suffer losses, which said light is unfair competition, said heavy is the impact of the operation of the market. And the deck bys to thousands of Yuan fined or ordered to stop operating, also appears to be too light. This deck owners will be more dependable no fear. A driver also wrote to the media, lashed out at the “clone car violated the genuine car ‘portrait’, is naked robbers”.
More serious is that once a traffic accident occurs on the car deck, in a hit and run driver, it is difficult to trace the injured victim almost have no legitimate economic compensation.
However, the consequences of clone car, how can let He Zhongkang the victim alone?

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