Help the homeless on the streets “warm up” to “warm heart”

Help the homeless on the streets “warm up” to “warm heart”
In view of the situation of street Rangers, the social assistance system needs more and more fine. In addition to providing them a shelter, more want to enter their hearts, to warm up, to warm the heart.
Cold air flow, the temperature continued to fall, cold warning signals have been released. Weather forecasts show that in the near future, Guangzhou will have a minimum temperature of 6 degrees Celsius. To this end, the Guangzhou Rescue Management Department officially launched the cold weather emergency rescue plan, to ensure the safety of the streets of the street to spend the winter.
The howling wind, street people are lack of protection against the bitter cold of the clothing, quilts, shelter is not a shelter, a wall of wind. When the cold comes, the first time to think of these people who are not set up, which reflects the city of Guangzhou, the people’s care and the people’s livelihood temperature. On the one hand, the hardware and software facilities at relief stations have been quite complete, warm and clean bed, reeky meal, 24 hours hot water Goods are available in all varieties.; on the other hand, whether the relevant departments or volunteer organizations, more actively take to the streets to send supplies and food for homeless people. With all aspects of the community care, this winter is not too cold”.
According to incomplete statistics, from 2003 to 2013, Guangzhou total relief of life unfunded and street begging personnel more than 360 thousand people, the strength and effectiveness is not big. But on the other hand, as in many cities in the country, there are still a considerable part of the street is not willing to go to the rescue station. In the face of the increasingly complicated causes of wandering, there are many deep-seated problems with single handedly inaccessible rescue station. The need to reform, is on the streets homeless identity, cannot generally be begging and street people equate. Many people choose to wander, not necessarily because life unfunded. They do not want to go to the rescue station, of course, there is no understanding of the factors of the rescue station services, and even the “charges” of misunderstanding. It is necessary to strengthen the propaganda by oral interpretation, printing and other ways. But there are a considerable part of the homeless, because of the basic conditions of providing accommodation and other basic conditions of the rescue station for them, only to help get a moment, can not solve the fundamental problem of this. Therefore, to be arranged object need assistance, relief of disease according to its characteristics, the prescription can take effect.
One part of the homeless on the streets, because they could not find a job on the streets, or doing odd jobs have greater liquidity. For this part of the population, given their vocational skills training, to help them find a stable job, may be the most practical care”. At present, Guangzhou has begun to explore the promotion of employment for older homeless children’s new street children rescue mode, more than successful individual posts, studious salary even reached 4000 yuan.
Two, some homeless people by picking up garbage, begging and other ways to make a living, have a stable income, but is unable to pay the rent. They have fixed the means of living, think to the rescue station overnight return is not convenient, would rather choose to brave the wind and dew. Efforts to increase social security, to provide convenient conditions for this group to apply for low rent housing, or in more concentrated near the open street sleepers some temporary relief stations, more conducive to the end of their wandering life.
The three, there are a lot of street homeless, not because of income, work and other common causes of wandering, they or have family reasons, or have emotional problems, or have long been accustomed to the freedom of wandering life, forming a circle of their own life. The back home can not even unwilling to return home they should be based on advice, mediation, respect their free choices in life. But this does not mean that social assistance can ignore them, but should carry out street flow rescue more. Even if the rescue station cannot become their long haven, at least to ensure that they do not starve, but does not produce negative emotions abandoned by society. To the group, the rescue station is the key node to maintain their relationship with the real society. This is a can not be out of the candle, but also a not cold warm.
The relief of the streets, of course, is one of the most stable and reliable channels. However, in view of the situation of street Rangers, the social assistance system is also needed to do more, more fine. In addition to providing them a shelter, more want to enter their hearts, to warm up, to warm the heart.

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