Health needs in the spring against six diseases

(1) the flu
Hereinafter referred to as the flu. Are acute respiratory infection caused by the influenza virus each year around the spring has a different level, a different scale of epidemic or outbreak. Due to invalid antibiotics on virus, so do not abuse of antibiotics,so as to avoid drug resistance. It is different from the common cold symptoms afterthe onset of common complications such as bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis and viral myocarditis; highly infectious and spread fast. Spread of flu should not go to the people gather in public places, especially children and the elderly. Drugs are mainly clearing away heat and toxic antiviral drugs, such as banlangen granules, qingkailingparticles, such as complications of available antibiotics.
(2) mumps
Caused by the mumps virus. Spring is the season, the main symptoms are under the ear lobe of Parotid gland swelling and pain. Singleside and doubleside two types, which can cause meningitis and Orchitis, oophoritis, pancreatitis and other diseases. Due to mumps patients mainly children, so when spring comes, parents should not fill children immunized against mumps vaccination as soon as possible.
(3) the epidemic meningitis
Hereinafter referred to as epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis. And acute respiratoryinfectious disease caused by meningococcus, may invade the central nervous system. Spring is the peak each year, mainly in children under 15 years of age. Symptoms of high fever, headache, vomiting, neck stiffness, and within a day or two patientsinto a coma, a lifethreatening. Not treated in time can leave sequelae, such as God‘s crooked, such as deafness, paralysis,
(4) ulceration disease
For stomach ulcers, intestinal ulcers and other gastrointestinal diseases such diseases and unstable weather conditions affect the digestive functions, coupled with spring of germs, perishable food mold, prone to canker and so after eating, should pay attention to mood changes with the weather, watch your diet and health
(5) for cardiovascular disease
Include coronary heart disease, Cor pulmonale, the recurrence of rheumatic disease, such incentives mainly associated with spring fever, so patients with cardiovascular diseases should be prevented every spring fever
(6) patients with allergic rhinitis
Spring temperatures changeable, chill, is most easy have various rhinitis of season, which including acute rhinitis (for cold cold and up), and chronic rhinitis (by acute rhinitis repeatedly anti-for and delay aggravated), and atrophy sex rhinitis (more and bacteria infection about), and allergy sex rhinitis (and hot and cold and pollen, and dust, and animal hair, stimulus about), can according to different causes symptomatic treatment, including drops nasal, and infrared irradiation, and acupuncture, and medicine, treatment method, also can taking heat of cloud, and Nobumichi nasal orifices of Herba epimedii bile pills. In addition, the changeable weather in the spring, easily make increased fluctuations in blood pressure, headaches, irritability and othersymptoms of insomnia. At this point, full attention should be adjusted so that Jing Shen
Tension, and improve the quality of sleep, proper exercise, try to get
Relaxes the muscles, so as to achieve stable blood pressure, lower blood pressurepurpose

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