Forget that moment, after all the four seasons like song


The heart is changeable. Feelings, is the sex. In the end, all have their own destiny, all things are life, nothing from people. And those that fly, or stop to remember, Will not be absolute symbol of happiness. They think, happy, different posture and expression of grief, only their own past. I was thinking, why, in that little youth. There will be so persistent and the like what go all lengths——Signature


A fairy tale, there is no sorrow, no suffering, no end, in the most innocent of a way, elegant life, happy. All the beautiful word, are written in the spring on the screen, meanders, like the summer moon. The wind blow, you will smell the fragrant season. Light, shallow sincere, gentle, happy. Do not want to be pitied, don’t want to be a special treat, just too humble.

The young have its own proud, but I have learned to put down this proud, have learned to life mention the corners of the mouth looked up at the praise, praise good.

Often thought of, but can only be in the moonlight, but only in the moonlight. Feelings may be water quality, transparent and fragile. Standing on the edge of the water, think of a way.

Beam and lonely dialogue. If, each encounter, are in the right time, so, is not it will not happen? Therefore Believe in a car, a car to verify. Or in one’s field of solo, or lose courage in unilateral chase. Also he said, do not love。

Need reason, love does not need impulse. So, when you leave, you will always keep a beautiful excuse.

Some things, is a lifetime of time can not forget, because can not be born again. Some things that need to be used in a lifetime to forget, because for him to recall.

Forget that moment, after all the four seasons like song. Should not be as happy as the end of the fairy tale?


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