Dare to dream

A delusion can lead to tragedy, but it can lead to success. As for me, it makes me become the author of two books; the number of writers’ Guide contributors, also won the awards in local and national publications published works. And as a weekly columnist for the Losangeles times, a national public radio station was also obtained. It is Hosting a radio program about the publication. I was a journalist of the unknown. After a while, I started my freelance writer. My task is to write, and then send the article to publish. I take myself as a striker. The manuscript as a magazine editor to enter the heart of the arrow and will not cause harm. Then, delusion is produced. I decided to publish an article in Losangeles because I thought it would be a very high honor, and 25 honors would make my writing career by leaps and bounds. In addition, I also dream of being their TV columnist, because it will make me into a very charming world at the speed of the rocket. So I started to carry out my plan. Because I was a nobody, so I arranged appointment went to Los Angeles Magazine Office, to the most elegant attitude demanded to see the editors! Receptionist said: no! ” Well, at least she smiled at me.

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Delusion Dare to dream . A week later, I went there again. I ask: “can I see the editor or can I make an appointment?” the same answer: we can’t let the editor meet every author from the street. If that’s the case, how can he do his work? “. Delusions really occupy T my heart. I have to go in and see the editor. Ask him to hear my statement, he must be moved. But what do you want to do? That wonderful is crazy idea to form a. I will let my friends subscribe to their magazines. I choose the supermarket as my hunting grounds, because everyone will go to the supermarket sooner or later. When my friends and acquaintances stopped to study her shopping list, I went to say: “do you have interest in subscription to the Losangeles journal and make an investment in my career as a freelance writer?” I received a check in 25 days in the supermarket for two days. I’m already armed now. I put my newspaper clip into the file, once again came to the office of the march into the magazine. “And you.” Said the receptionist, Ah, but this time, I have a “business card””. I explained that I had a list of 25 new subscribers and a check, and I believe that in this case, the editor might be willing to comment on me. The receptionist went to the private office of the sacred editor. I heard a loud laugh. He met me! There’s enough curiosity drove him to see see the to see him so much trouble delusional author. Here is a place to keep, to prepare, and to meet.

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When I put the list of 25 cheque and a good print subscribers placed on his desk, a feel surprised Xie and feel interesting editorial said: “do you want to do for us?” he ignored step I want to become a television columnist’s proposal, just looked at me in the newspaper published articles are about politics reported) Title The following signature said, “we have written a report of a political mission for an author, but he can’t pay on time draft. We require this article to have a good time in 10 days. If you can give us an outline to us and do well on Monday (Friday,), you will get the job.” At that time, the presidential primaries are in the middle of the campaign, the total of the whole weekend to go to work. I know who to contact. I ran around with my camera and my notebook. I gather information during the day, and write on Saturday and Sunday nights. Monday morning, I was tired and nervous and worried, as deposited hang upon this single action. My husband proposed to make an outline for me. I was at home all day long. Finally, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the editor of the phone came. I succeeded. So, delusions get the return. I opened the door to the Losangeles magazine in a close-up picture and realized that I was in the early stage of writing that I realized that creative marketing and persistence were as important as writing skills.

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