What are the benefits of sauna?

We also called a Finnish sauna bath, sauna, in recent years we Chinese are very popular, because we increasingly find ways to use the sauna health both simple and easy to implement and can play a very good effect, there is a very good sauna health effects and the role of health care, so it seems specifically sauna, a sauna for our body can play a role in how what aspects of it?
We know our sauna can promote blood circulation, in addition to the sauna can also play a fitness weight loss benefits, sauna also improve our body’s immune system, so in a safe manner, we can use the sauna to serve health role.
Sauna, also known as the Finnish sauna, refers to the process in a closed room with steam on the human body treatments. Typically the sauna temperature can reach above 90 ℃. Sauna originated in Finland, there are more than 2,000 years of history. Repeated use of the whole body dry steam flushing of hot and cold stimulation, repeated expansion and contraction of blood vessels, can enhance blood vessel elasticity, prevent atherosclerosis effect.
In a high temperature environment can make the skin produce heat effect deep, systemic capillary been expanded, the body sweat much more than the usual general activities, such invigorating sweat a lot conducive to drain all kinds of garbage in the body, it can help disease eradication. Meanwhile, the body repeatedly hot and cold dry steam flushing, vascular contraction and expansion are constantly on call Exercise Physiology: vascular gymnastics, it can achieve enhanced elasticity of blood vessels, prevent atherosclerosis effect.
Sauna is in a stationary state of a high temperature environment, a lot of sweat through the body subcutaneous fat consumption, allowing you to easily lose weight comfortably. According to tests, the sauna 10 minutes is equivalent to long-distance running 10 kilometers, it has a body slimming effect. In addition, when the body a lot of sweat to eliminate subcutaneous dirt, can improve the skin cell permeability, activation of cells, it also has a skin care, anti-aging effect. In the sauna process, the body continued to absorb the unique rock comes out of the furnace healthy trace elements, disease prevention effect.
Sauna bathing is a special method, both clean and treat the skin disease two effects. It does this by several successive alternating hot and cold can relieve pain, joint laxity. On the skin, due to the steam bath during a remarkable expansion of the skin blood vessels, sweating, improve blood circulation, excretion of sweat helps rid the body of waste, so as to obtain more nutrients in a variety of skin tissue, for many skin diseases such as ichthyosis, psoriasis pain, skin itching psychosis have different levels of treatment.
What is described above, the sauna, we know that the sauna is currently a very popular method of health, the sauna can not only promote our metabolism and promote blood circulation, but also to protect our sauna and treat some skin skin diseases, but also play a sauna weight loss and other effects of it.