The romantic love story of birds and fish

Long long ago, there was a fish and a bird fell in love with each other. But God told them that they will never be lovers, and even make friends is also a luxury, even if they love each other, this life is also expected to be and. Seawater fish hate bound and desire in the blue sky of freedom and the lofty feeling; birds hate empty blue sky, eager to get water bath, in the water walk……
Fish try to jump out of the water, jump to the blue sky of its dreams; the birds continue to rush to the sea, to feel close to the water. Fish again and again to jump, but always in the tail has not left the sea, it falls heavily, once fell on the shore, is the high tide the water to save it; birds again and again to close to the sea, but always in just hug sea water, it was wet feathers stall is its friends from time to time to help it escape from danger…
Fish do not want to give up, because it felt the blue sky in calling it. birds do not want to give up, because it felt the sea is its real home. In this way, the fish and the birds keep trying to approach, but they are close to the dream of the process, close to death……
The fish on the bird said, “you are in heaven, should fly.” The bird says, “you are in the sea, should swim.”
The fish said to the bird , “if you can love birds and fish, so where are we nesting?” Fish tears fall in the sea. The bird says, “look at me, I tell you the answer.” The bird flew up to the sky for the last time.
At that moment, the birds from the sky toward the sea, no, no, is toward her fish; in that moment, the fish has left the deep sea jump to the high altitude, no, is to meet his bird. The fish and the birds were hugging and everything was stopped…… No one knows how long it took, a few changes in the number of times, the passage of time, a pair of lovers in the museum found a hug together with the birds and fish fossils……

12 year old girl involved lawsuits dropped out of a three-year

12 year old girl involved lawsuits dropped out of a threeyear


LU LU is a girl of only 12, but because of poverty dropped out three years.


In three years, her mother should serve not only to stay in bed, and self-study curriculum; not only to food rationing, and forth grievances … …


Her tragic fate after the mother was seriously wounded by illegal van, the Court delayed the enforcement of reparation judgements … …


Mother‘s car accident has been intimidation, reparations difficult dropout


Lu Lu had emerged from unfortunate


In May 1987, second light garment factory worker Huang Guihua, wengyuan County take home an o-shaped feet foundling. Street pick up, then calledthe road. Huang Guihua‘s love, Lulu‘s foot quickly cured with adisability, and ahead of the junior school, live in peace and happiness.


However, rejoice disaster


On April 13, 1996 at 6 o’clock, Huang Guihua hit by a large truck cut aviolation, the hospital diagnosed: brain contusion, skull fractures, and so on. The same day, Police Brigade identify the perpetrators was Chen Yongping, wengyuan, causing traffic on the shuttle‘s father was Chen Yongping County cement plants boughtbut not transfers. Chen Yongpingpolice brigade found that take the full responsibility for the accident.


Eight months later, Huang Guihua medical expenses is paid more than 50,000yuan, Chen Yongping 32119 Yuan will not only continue to pay. Roads becomepenniless, depends entirely on debt. Lu Lu was forced to drop out of theelementary school grade, at the age of nine.


On December 10, 1996, wengyuan County Public Security Bureau identification:Huang Guihua four is disabled, has lost some ability to live. Chen Yongpingin the 15th statutory does not apply to the public security organs at higher levels within recertification. On January 22, 1997, the auspices of theCounty‘s traffic Police Brigade reached a conciliation agreement, Huang Guihua Chen Yongping agreed compensation for medical expenses, a total of 152535 Yuan.


Lulu laughed, thinking that will soon be able to get the money back to theschool. Guessed, Chen Yongping did not seriously deal, should not payanything within four months. Not only that, but Lulu has also received threatening phone calls: “I drive a public bus, move in on children without their own money … …”


Road Home desperate, decided to sue Chen Yongping. After Chen Fu laughed:afraid you did not tell the Court I was.


Identification of three fast, second session for judges


On May 26, 1997, Huang Guihua, wengyuan County Court. County courts make ourforensic Huang Guihua, a disability identified.


On June 19, wengyuan County Court hearing. The presiding judge read out in court county court room forensic techniques to Huang Guihua malingering:Huang Guihua grade remain unchanged for County Public Security Bureauconclusions IV. Chen Yongping was not challenged in court. In mid-August,Lulu saw forensic of the Shaoguan intermediate people’s Court to give themother a third disability identification.


On October 15, the second session of the County Court, a judge on the newChen Lianping. In court, the judge read out the forensic hospital in Huang Guihua, Shaoguan city, seven levels of disability identification. LU LUfamily members immediately questioned County Public Security Bureau andCounty Court not do four disability identification has been made, how theycome up with a sevenmalingering? And poor grade levels?


After a recess, judge Chen Lianping road family and fellow defendant Chen Yongping was, for Chen Lianping withdrawal, was not accepted.


On October 24 that year, wengyuan County, Shaoguan city, according to theCourt of first instance judgement on the certificate of disability: payableto Huang Guihua Chen Yongping 10075 9; Chen Yongping‘s father Chen YongpingCounty cement plant and to inadequate pay complement, advances theresponsibility.


Meanwhile, dad to work, Lu Lu had to spend 66 hours a day, with a tendershoulder family burdens alone, should have been writing a little hand-written complaint.


On February 18 last year, Shaoguan Intermediate Court upheld the judgment of the second instance.

If you are safe, I will lay down my love

See pretrial romantic night listening to that window Chanmian Acacia turn, Xinhai madly love lead you to write, let red infatuation piece of language, a wind loose distant if the king safe and sound in the distance I will put aside Acacia Tianya traces——Signature

Your charming eyes under the red smile, is my life the most beautiful picture seen. You hurry Frence leave, let I can not find any excuse. Every lonely night in the rain, the falling rain dripping with my reluctant heart, brought about by the wind out of the window in the ear piercing thoughts, I want to hug a wisp of think dream, we wake up time but a return to you thousands of melancholy. Cause lingering Acacia, lonely in love with affection, miss the heart gentle you every day and every hour of the day or night, the slightest Miss dream, piece of mind sees in the dream, the dream in the dream are endless thoughts, not finished sad sorrow. I thought that the memory has gone with the years, I think I have to move you from the memory, I think I have to forget you from the time, however, in each of the night, the wind out of the wind and once again to ask my love, revealing my sadness. If time can flow backwards, if love can repeat itself, I would like to make myself more into play. Because of you, I am willing to be a supporting role, as long as you can set off, because you, I am willing to be an audience, even if only quietly watching you, appreciate your beauty; because you, I would like to become a traveler in your life, and then, to go seriously, to use the best time in this life to interpret it, even if only a moment of good memory.

Love at first sight, win at the time, also lost in time. Struggling on the edge of the missing, alone in the care of the tail hanging, this life, it seems that we are bound to have a kind of distance. Love is so beautiful, but only become we have memories, agreed to abandon, already can not find traces of any past. Is there a place where you can be familiar with the feeling of a more familiar? Is there a day will remind you of a special person? And is there a song make you think singing is your story? Time has already let me remember the antecedents, but memories let me forget the consequences. Years of wind blew leaves of memory, but it does not take away that we had better, I think, this probably is the fate of my last visited. You have said that you can pretend to be strong when you are weak. You can pretend to be brave when you are afraid. You can pretend to smile when you are sad..

Time is so beautiful, so beautiful, and now think you have become a luxury thing. I think I was lucky, otherwise how will meet warm warm you. I think I was sad, or how can you lose love. I think I’m stupid, or how can easily let go of your hand, let you become prosperous years of brilliant memory. Perhaps love is very difficult, can be in the tens of millions of people to meet the heart of you, what kind of luck. May not love is not difficult, but this life met you, you can not forget. It turned out that life is not going to be played back, when you want to go back and see what happens, time has not allowed. It turned out that love is not a repeat of the past, when you want to go back to the past to cherish a person, time will not compromise on you.

Life tells me more than once, not the beginning of each story is tender, nor is it the end of every story, but it is a blessing and a warm thing. And this life, I can meet you, is a willing adventure. If time is meant to be, then I don’t need to talk about separation. Time in a hurry, the years will not stay, you never know who you will meet, but before this, please take care of yourself, to strive to become a better person, so you can be qualified to meet the people who have been to this life. A brilliant flower, a beautiful encounter, thank you once the tender all my time. Once I of love is too much pursuit, now I already have, only wish you in the distance can be safe, so I will put aside to Acacia, henceforth Tianya roaming.