Henan yesterday fire

Henan yesterday fire


March 29 at 1 o’clock in the morning, near red square, jiaozuo city videoclub video halls of heaven that caught on fire after watching videos ofmore than 90 people, apart from the 12 people lucky enough to survive, and the remaining 74 people died in the flames.


According to residents near the fire site introduction, audio and videohalls of heaven bosses in order to attract audiences, after 12 o’clock everynight, they locked front door and began showing videos, their business isbooming. Had watched the show a young man say: the video halls open at 8o’clock every night until 6 in the morning until end of slide show.


In the video outside the front door of the Office, still hung with the twochasing lothario, the burning girl, like the TV Guide brand. A soldiersinvolved in fire fighting, told reporters: at 3 o’clock in the morning wereceived fire orders, because video halls are decorated with flammablematerial and a small box, so the fire was fierce, spouted flames severalmetres away from their door, the fire lasted nearly 3 hours. In the fire atthe same time, we save together with police, but most of the bodies havebeen burnt beyond recognition or physical isolation, despite the rescue, andonly 12 people survived, burn the exact number of the dead were 74, male and63 female 11.


Local promoters to a cadre told reporters, after the fire, the Ministry of public security, the National Association, the main leaders of Henanprovince and public security, politics and law, head of the fire departmentrushed to the scene in the morning on the same day, the cause of the fire isstill under investigation. Has been able to burn so many people, because thevideo halls boss to prevent law enforcement inspection, video locked thedoor when, after a fire in the House, the audience cannot escape.


It is reported that charred by fire 74 bodies had been shipped before 8o’clock in the morning on the day of a funeral parlour for storage. Policealso carried out body identification work, according to the survey, theaccident death of personnel may be mostly students and young people falling in love, and migrants and migrant workers specifically come here to sleep.


At about 11 o’clock in the morning, packed the square was crowded withthousands of spectators, dozens of relatives of the dead regardless ofcivilian police to dissuade crying more than the square, and some evenfainted in the streets. At about 5 o’clock in the afternoon, when reporterswent to hospitals in jiaozuo mining area when they meet one by one of theinjured, was rejected by the custody of civilian police. Medical personneltold reporters: wounded, 23, of jiaozuo city, people, unemployed, feet, andface in the course of his escape was injured by fire, but the injury was nottoo heavy.


It is reported that, until about 7 o’clock last evening, the local policeare still busy at the scene. Jiaozuo from Shenyang to help investigate thecause ignition of fire experts are busily working, the leadership hasordered limits within 72 hours to identify the cause of the fire. Butaccording to the staff revealed that fire is probably, audio-visualequipment works all night fever caused by short circuit accident due tomotor.

Judgment under clouds and steep, insurance was shown astonishingsense

Judgment under clouds and steep, insurance was shown astonishingsense


Under the decision, clouds and steep road home


First, wengyuan County Court first court Shi read has the hospital forensic made of “Huang Guihua four level disability” of identification, road road family and lawyer are see had this copies identification, the hospital on October 23, 1997 of full comments record also has “by this hospital forensic technology room identification, Huang Guihua of injury for four level disability” of records, on even the Hospital of trial report also wrote: this hospital forensic technology room identification for four level disability. Strange is that the files in the existingDistrict Court identification has not been assessed yellow grade,only confirmed the medical billsif someone has replaced theappraisal?


Second, both the firstinstance judgment, or the second instancejudgments are stated in Chen Yongping, Shaoguan city, in the firstinstance to the application for recertification in plaintiff‘sdisability level wengyuan County record of deliberating by thecollegiate bench of the Court also shows that Chen Yongping, Shaoguan city, is to apply for recertification. Chen Yongpingapplication for recertification of existing books in the case butis addressed to County Courtwhether covertly? Wengyuan CountyCourt finally does away with the County Public Security Bureau,and the identification and instead adopt an appraisal as evidenceof the judgment of the City Court, is appropriate?


Although the road feel unfair judgment, she is looking forward to the early implementation, the family really needs money. Secondinstance verdict issued more than a month, Chen Yongping has yetto pay compensation. On March 30 last year, road home had to havean attorney write a application execution, execution Chamber tothe County Court.


On April 6 last year, Chen Yongping handheld minting Huang Guihuamedicine removed the documents from the Court, away from theinsurance companies more than 53,000 more than insurance payments.You know, the $ 50,000 medical documents was way out of trust tothe County Court, wants the Court to take this out of insurancepayments payments payments payments to offset Chen Yongpingthecourts can and should do.


Roads and chaotic family, had to hope that the Court willinsurance payments be made to recover. On April 24, the road homesubmit a second application execution. But Chambers recovered only15,000 yuan, enough road home paid for drugs.


Two applications vanished, two replies to let people feel


Next, the road also witnessed a series of unbelievable things


On June 26 last year, LU LU family in court was informed on March30 that applications write operation of the Executive Chamber was missing: application was minting a judge took away Chen Lianping,Chen Lianping said no enforcement, Chen Yongping will send money.Then asked Chen Lianping road family, sons anger: who‘s got it?You don’t know and don’t understand, get the hell out of here!


Later, Lulu family would like to ask, Executive Chamber staffinsisted that only one application execution, that is, on April24. However, they still show them the April 24 applicationexecution exposed stuffing: signature is not signed road family.Lulu family fire: why did we make the application for enforcementfirst disappeared, the second was switching?!


On September 10 last year, LU LU family asked the county courtdivisions: Chen Jiayou car and House, why do we not seizure? VicePresident replied: that car is not worth much money, Chen Yongping depends on it for a living, cannot be seized. Seizedcars, Chen Yongping was likely to commit crimes.


The last day of 1998, Huang Guihua seriously ill in hospital. LULU and his family rushed to the execution Chamber reflect Chen Yongping spent 18,000 yuan to replace the front, requests forenforcement. Executive Chamber staff said: you take car buckles,we could not find. Implementation is wrong, be liable. Lu Lu Jiaand request advance payments according to County cement plant,only to be told is the first accused to pay.


Three years not bear dying practice knot, three years out ofschool the dream school


For now, Huang Guihua‘s condition had deteriorated, and affordroad winter road, cold light others wearing a pair of slippers.Lulu wrote in letters of complaint: in order to return to “save money”, I stress to the authorities for help, even to the people kneel, why for three years is still difficult to implement so far 41,000 yuan from being practice knot … … Really, I dream ofsaving school Ah!

12 year old girl involved lawsuits dropped out of a three-year

12 year old girl involved lawsuits dropped out of a threeyear


LU LU is a girl of only 12, but because of poverty dropped out three years.


In three years, her mother should serve not only to stay in bed, and self-study curriculum; not only to food rationing, and forth grievances … …


Her tragic fate after the mother was seriously wounded by illegal van, the Court delayed the enforcement of reparation judgements … …


Mother‘s car accident has been intimidation, reparations difficult dropout


Lu Lu had emerged from unfortunate


In May 1987, second light garment factory worker Huang Guihua, wengyuan County take home an o-shaped feet foundling. Street pick up, then calledthe road. Huang Guihua‘s love, Lulu‘s foot quickly cured with adisability, and ahead of the junior school, live in peace and happiness.


However, rejoice disaster


On April 13, 1996 at 6 o’clock, Huang Guihua hit by a large truck cut aviolation, the hospital diagnosed: brain contusion, skull fractures, and so on. The same day, Police Brigade identify the perpetrators was Chen Yongping, wengyuan, causing traffic on the shuttle‘s father was Chen Yongping County cement plants boughtbut not transfers. Chen Yongpingpolice brigade found that take the full responsibility for the accident.


Eight months later, Huang Guihua medical expenses is paid more than 50,000yuan, Chen Yongping 32119 Yuan will not only continue to pay. Roads becomepenniless, depends entirely on debt. Lu Lu was forced to drop out of theelementary school grade, at the age of nine.


On December 10, 1996, wengyuan County Public Security Bureau identification:Huang Guihua four is disabled, has lost some ability to live. Chen Yongpingin the 15th statutory does not apply to the public security organs at higher levels within recertification. On January 22, 1997, the auspices of theCounty‘s traffic Police Brigade reached a conciliation agreement, Huang Guihua Chen Yongping agreed compensation for medical expenses, a total of 152535 Yuan.


Lulu laughed, thinking that will soon be able to get the money back to theschool. Guessed, Chen Yongping did not seriously deal, should not payanything within four months. Not only that, but Lulu has also received threatening phone calls: “I drive a public bus, move in on children without their own money … …”


Road Home desperate, decided to sue Chen Yongping. After Chen Fu laughed:afraid you did not tell the Court I was.


Identification of three fast, second session for judges


On May 26, 1997, Huang Guihua, wengyuan County Court. County courts make ourforensic Huang Guihua, a disability identified.


On June 19, wengyuan County Court hearing. The presiding judge read out in court county court room forensic techniques to Huang Guihua malingering:Huang Guihua grade remain unchanged for County Public Security Bureauconclusions IV. Chen Yongping was not challenged in court. In mid-August,Lulu saw forensic of the Shaoguan intermediate people’s Court to give themother a third disability identification.


On October 15, the second session of the County Court, a judge on the newChen Lianping. In court, the judge read out the forensic hospital in Huang Guihua, Shaoguan city, seven levels of disability identification. LU LUfamily members immediately questioned County Public Security Bureau andCounty Court not do four disability identification has been made, how theycome up with a sevenmalingering? And poor grade levels?


After a recess, judge Chen Lianping road family and fellow defendant Chen Yongping was, for Chen Lianping withdrawal, was not accepted.


On October 24 that year, wengyuan County, Shaoguan city, according to theCourt of first instance judgement on the certificate of disability: payableto Huang Guihua Chen Yongping 10075 9; Chen Yongping‘s father Chen YongpingCounty cement plant and to inadequate pay complement, advances theresponsibility.


Meanwhile, dad to work, Lu Lu had to spend 66 hours a day, with a tendershoulder family burdens alone, should have been writing a little hand-written complaint.


On February 18 last year, Shaoguan Intermediate Court upheld the judgment of the second instance.

Help the homeless on the streets “warm up” to “warm heart”

Help the homeless on the streets “warm up” to “warm heart”
In view of the situation of street Rangers, the social assistance system needs more and more fine. In addition to providing them a shelter, more want to enter their hearts, to warm up, to warm the heart.
Cold air flow, the temperature continued to fall, cold warning signals have been released. Weather forecasts show that in the near future, Guangzhou will have a minimum temperature of 6 degrees Celsius. To this end, the Guangzhou Rescue Management Department officially launched the cold weather emergency rescue plan, to ensure the safety of the streets of the street to spend the winter.
The howling wind, street people are lack of protection against the bitter cold of the clothing, quilts, shelter is not a shelter, a wall of wind. When the cold comes, the first time to think of these people who are not set up, which reflects the city of Guangzhou, the people’s care and the people’s livelihood temperature. On the one hand, the hardware and software facilities at relief stations have been quite complete, warm and clean bed, reeky meal, 24 hours hot water Goods are available in all varieties.; on the other hand, whether the relevant departments or volunteer organizations, more actively take to the streets to send supplies and food for homeless people. With all aspects of the community care, this winter is not too cold”.
According to incomplete statistics, from 2003 to 2013, Guangzhou total relief of life unfunded and street begging personnel more than 360 thousand people, the strength and effectiveness is not big. But on the other hand, as in many cities in the country, there are still a considerable part of the street is not willing to go to the rescue station. In the face of the increasingly complicated causes of wandering, there are many deep-seated problems with single handedly inaccessible rescue station. The need to reform, is on the streets homeless identity, cannot generally be begging and street people equate. Many people choose to wander, not necessarily because life unfunded. They do not want to go to the rescue station, of course, there is no understanding of the factors of the rescue station services, and even the “charges” of misunderstanding. It is necessary to strengthen the propaganda by oral interpretation, printing and other ways. But there are a considerable part of the homeless, because of the basic conditions of providing accommodation and other basic conditions of the rescue station for them, only to help get a moment, can not solve the fundamental problem of this. Therefore, to be arranged object need assistance, relief of disease according to its characteristics, the prescription can take effect.
One part of the homeless on the streets, because they could not find a job on the streets, or doing odd jobs have greater liquidity. For this part of the population, given their vocational skills training, to help them find a stable job, may be the most practical care”. At present, Guangzhou has begun to explore the promotion of employment for older homeless children’s new street children rescue mode, more than successful individual posts, studious salary even reached 4000 yuan.
Two, some homeless people by picking up garbage, begging and other ways to make a living, have a stable income, but is unable to pay the rent. They have fixed the means of living, think to the rescue station overnight return is not convenient, would rather choose to brave the wind and dew. Efforts to increase social security, to provide convenient conditions for this group to apply for low rent housing, or in more concentrated near the open street sleepers some temporary relief stations, more conducive to the end of their wandering life.
The three, there are a lot of street homeless, not because of income, work and other common causes of wandering, they or have family reasons, or have emotional problems, or have long been accustomed to the freedom of wandering life, forming a circle of their own life. The back home can not even unwilling to return home they should be based on advice, mediation, respect their free choices in life. But this does not mean that social assistance can ignore them, but should carry out street flow rescue more. Even if the rescue station cannot become their long haven, at least to ensure that they do not starve, but does not produce negative emotions abandoned by society. To the group, the rescue station is the key node to maintain their relationship with the real society. This is a can not be out of the candle, but also a not cold warm.
The relief of the streets, of course, is one of the most stable and reliable channels. However, in view of the situation of street Rangers, the social assistance system is also needed to do more, more fine. In addition to providing them a shelter, more want to enter their hearts, to warm up, to warm the heart.

No enthusiasm, who can be moved ?


I become a sales man, not destined to become a good sales men, it is not destined to be. Previously, I never thought, I will rely on selling to eat; now, I was famous for marketing. Fate has repeatedly, who can expect! At first, I was a professional baseball player, playing in the Johnston team, a team, a monthly salary of $105, so my life is decent, but also moisture. Who knows the boss is going to fire me. Because I was young, I don’t care. The boss scolded me and said: “we don’t need to be lazy, you could do you have the occupation player, occupation spirit?”

“Yes! I am lazy! I have no spirit! So what?” I loudly answered him, do not care to become shame, leaving the team. Now think about it, I feel ashamed. A boss said yes, until today, I still think of my brain, Yan Yan head be out of spirits in the arena of bear like. Competitive Coward , suffering to mature. My life distress, to reduce facial and joined the Pennsylvania Chester song, habenula don’t is very low, a monthly salary of only $25. I said he is being canine bully, heart punches cannot burn a bit of enthusiasm. Often a friend said hello to me, the Department is even worse, it is a kind of torture. I wandered around for a week, decided to leave the place, Zhi to distant Connecticut new black paper team. Still is $25, but no one knows me, I can treat a ‘mood, from scratch. Watching the sky alone, I said to myself: “I want to get back up! Must start again! I was 22 years old, be full of vigor and vitality!”

Passion burning, I like a horse, Mercedes Benz in the game, like a torrent, like shells. I feel the body, must be run in order to release the roaring waves. My most is surprisingly large, shot over falling teammate gloves aberration point. I was infected with my teammates, they run with me; his teammates are infected with the audience, they stand up and shout. I have no distractions, no feeling, just want to play; I just full of guts, puissant, just want to run. I have a boiling passion. Passionate, just want to win. I became the center of the field. County for a while, I really feel proud, is the magic of the spirit of the world in support of a kind of me, driving me, urging me. Achievement and honor it makes me feel proud. The man who has been fired,, but today is a star. The State Press and print my picture. Reporters to “play sorrow I wrote called me” spirit “, said I was” ever since the first man cannot level team injection “soul” of the people “. I never thought, I will get the accolades, now bring to let me fascinated. There is a harvest, my monthly salary rose to $185, but that’s a lot of money. Two years later, the monthly salary rose to $770. That day I was so happy, you simply can not imagine. How successful it is! How comfortable it is!

But. I was not destined to be a star. In a game in Chicago dinger, I waved his right arm, dispose of the ball to shave a county, pain piercing, my way Danling fracture. I simply want to cry for it arm ah, you are my life, I love you! Now you have to let me never to leave the game! The blow with the war lost a leg there is no difference! Good soldier would rather die on the battlefield than linger! But some things can not be reversed. I look back to hometown Philadelphia downhearted. The next day is very difficult, I do the first two years cashier, riding a bicycle, a street, a street to help furniture factory, the reward is $1 a day. No sunshine, no hope. Destiny repeatedly, which can  expect. Then, I added the life insurance company, want to take a chance. Dry selling, is a life force, so I just want to try. 8 months later, I was ready to quit.

If my struggle is not successful, I do not know whether to use this attitude to look at the time of the difficulties: “that time is really a torture, ah, you really do not see a little hope. , they always encouraged said, ‘a certain and signed under a single, how much commission’, I have a boiling passion: he signed a single equal I do a year, why not action? But 8 months down, I didn’t pull anything. Since it is not suitable for marketing, but also to stay there to do what! “I began to turn over the advertising. The success of the DELL – Mr. Carnegie. I heard his name, holding Ma died as a live attitude. I decided to listen to. Who would have thought, DELL – Mr. Carnegie readily, competing to speak on the spot. No panic in the main. I got up to feel hand trembling with fear, no place to put out a little, hesitating in speaking voice.

“Wait a wait. Sir, please wait! “Dell – Mr. Carnegie shake the head and wag. Interrupt me, come on, come on, young man. Which one to hear? No enthusiasm. Can move who?”

Mr. Carnegie, Mr., was talking about the topic of “passion”. He waved at the moving about Lian, broke a chair leg, the speech also cease abruptly. In a loud voice, full feeling, eyes firm, emotional and imaginative, lingering Rao Liang, back to the sun not, this is my of that class impression.

“No enthusiasm. Can impress prospective, that night I was sleeping. A repeating that sentence. On more than one ring feelings, more than words. Is his enthusiasm like that? Where is my passion? Why a group of black paper happy days gone? My passion has gone, and my life has withered. How can I be so? No No! How can I accomplish nothing !”

“Don’t be fighting now, more rely on? Are you waiting for me? That’s how to do it! I couldn’t swim! “One night I toss and turn restlessly, decided to change his fate. The sun rise, I once again hear the melodious birds.

The first phone call that day, I will never forget. I am full of confidence, confidence, without any fear. It is really a quick decision, he immediately agreed to the interview. During the meeting, I am ebullience. Witty, the another one on the spot to sign a single. He is Mr. Ammons, a corn merchant in Philadelphia. He said: if my employees have you so warm, my business will be ten times better.” Then we became good. He was my first customer, and I remember him all my life. From that day. I feel the struggle of the fun, the first experience to “do their own masters,” the beautiful feeling: no passion can move!