“Betrayal” or Trust


Life is like a game, even if it’s not going to stick to it, it’s going to play. Youth is the only feel at ease and justified torture each other, we will own youth selfish to forget the world. All say that one’s life to do something do not have nothing to do, but only after doing nothing to know what is suitable for their future for the struggle to do.

Time can forget, that’s just the experience of my shell; time not to forget, that is the heart of their own experience, pain of insight. We always feel that others are good, it is because I do not believe they can be so good. The real meaning of the feeling is that: either finished that their own cool, or say that you have a good time with you.

Both lack of that one will be a failure of emotion. Sometimes I feel powerless, the harder I work, the more, because, the harder it is to find out the dream of their own. Growing pains is that there are some things you can not accept, but must go to. Don’t ask your partner to be perfect, because you don’t need to be perfect.

Some things in mind for a long time, will be forgotten; some people in the heart for a long time, it will be lost. So not regrets, not only in the heart, but with action to the heart. We are not too difficult to be defeated, but because they are not recognized and gradually lose the face of difficult heart.

Some things are not to get the rare, but to get the only to find that it is not suitable for their own. I in the dark find a glimmer of comfort, but forgot when Li Ming and no or no, comfort is not real comfort. Memory is a happy thing, but also need to recall memories, need to remind you of the past has passed the trail.

If we can not find, then we take what memories, memories we have passed. We all want to make a sacrifice for his people, only to find, and gave himself for just wishful thinking on their own can be done, and for him we forget our homes is not always to the others.

I carelessly let you break my heart. Always like to chat with friends, chat chat once the mood, now the true status of the future, be in high and vigorous spirits. Because, in the chat, I can know how to become what I want to be myself, and now I have been myself.

Fine such as hair emotion may be we ignore, but the static under heart to will find, it has been in affects our hearts. Two wrongs don’t necessarily positive, like a proud conceited person will not conceited capital, only never becoming conceited conceited person is strong in this era.

Each end is for the next start; and every time the beginning is destined to end. In the dream, the reality of the idea appeared repeatedly, that perhaps is the most real idea. We have a lot of unfair evaluation, for example, always feel that the “back” is a retreat, even if the success is not brilliant, but always think “the former Road” is a kind of brave, even if the failure is great.

In fact, this is a person even if the failure can be in the right and self-confident sad. We are always defeated by the illusory, the fate of a fate, let us give up how many of the things we can fight for.

Sometimes blindly believe in yourself, perhaps the biggest mistake, try to betray yourself, go against the first heart, let yourself go back to the original point, ask yourself what you want. We are very simple, even if you want to give up, but also to have a commitment.

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