“Bandits school”

Who can believe it? Lang Lang under the sun, unexpectedly have so a “school for bandits”! To — Guangxi Guiping City, Ma PI Xiang a cadre recently to our letter to the school to the end the Yangcheng Evening News:
In order to save more than 1000 innocent youth, in order to make more people are no longer fooled by stone, to reflect the situation of you:
At noon on August 6, I received brother-in-law from Guangdong Wengyuan County, southern security guard school telephone calls, said he is in trouble, let me take 2000 dollars immediately to save him. I immediately rushed to the school, see my brother-in-law said: “here like a prison, quickly think of a way to help me out.” It is understood that more than 100 students are being held in the school, the school is not allowed to go out of the gate, completely lost the freedom. And all the students will shave their heads…… The school also allowed the students who left cash, usually sent to the school for students of the whole school hosted by one also…… If students do not comply with the above policies, would have been Martial Arts Coach crazy beat. The school said their “bandits” type management is to prevent students from running, so that the school can go on normally. (this is slightly side section).

The morning of August 3rd, we are on our way to explore this — “tiger nest”.
At 1 noon, we came to the Wengyuan County Public Security Bureau of the city of South security guards on the first floor of the South Gate of the school. Here close to 106 National Road, there are no around the high-rise buildings, only diagonally opposite 50 meters at a beverage factory door couplets is very eye-catching “on median inclined down recklessly, Xian Xia by Qu people helpless.” Is the nearest neighbor of this school?
We had a good discussion, by Li Yihang as students into the school to students, Zheng Jie out of touch.

The registration point of a lady family name Gan took a piece of paper — “international superstar Bruce Lee Kung Fu Academy admissions”. Above beating a tempting words: Contemporary “Huangpu Military Academy”, the cradle of martial arts film star, talent and employment ladder! Famous Qigong master, Shaolin Wushu Association chairman, graduation in Wuhan Institute of physical education, is known as “contemporary” Bruce Lee “bald Kung Fu King” Xu Jialong Mr. hand teach you to create the new breed of Jeet Kune Do martial arts… Mr. Xu gaotu “Five Dragon” rate has hit Tian Thailand Taekwondo and other martial arts schools, one hundred people…… Families of tuition free people, the opportunity is hard to find!
“Well, not security school? How to become ‘Bruce Lee’?” Reporters suddenly feel suspicious.
“Oh, Bruce Lee’s Academy is the predecessor of the southern security guards, one thing.” A woman family name Tian quickly.

The reporter said that the family is difficult, can not afford to pay 1775 yuan of tuition and fees do not want to learn. Ms. Gan said: no relationship, you have how much money on how much money, we this is the school for poverty alleviation. Reporters pushed him only 450 yuan. “You pay 450 yuan!” while the gap filling money Gan, the reporter read the school since June this year, the student registration form. Ho! Full of 120 people to register! These students to Shandong, Shanxi, Henan, Hebei, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan,, Guangxi, Guangdong……
‘the driver takes you to school, and you give him five dollars.” Gan sent reporters to go. “The school is not in the public security bureau inside it?” “Here is just the point of entry. The school in the deep mountains and forests.” The “rub” the driver replied. Ah?

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